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17 customer reviews


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Great tasting strain, onset is pretty fast and almost instantly brightens your mood. Great before bed or even when you’re about to go out! 10/10 would recommend.


Strain is nice, but too much unknown for me as a cultivator so I gave 4 stars. Genetics? Heard GG#4 x Gelato 45 x Girl Scout Cookies (what one? lol) Maybe its just me, I like to know, old school like that I guess.


Ok straight to business! This is an excellent example of 'next gen' greens being produced. Scent from the bud is a new experience, deep and rich familiar with the cookies blend but a different dimension getting into a cake, baked flavour. Seemed to hit the head quickly, insane giggles and long lasting high with this one, a regular for sure. Let's keep this in production.


I got ahold of a Biscotti by Cookies vaporizer cartridge and DAMN was it amazing. It almost had the flavors of a snickerdoodle cookie; a little cinnamon, plenty of sweetness. Superbly relaxing, no anxiety or paranoia, and it put a huge smile on my face. I wish I still had the packaging so I could verify its cannabinoid content, as I'd like to find something as close as possible to Biscotti. Top 3 in my list of vape carts so far (alongside Hardcore OG and Gelato, in no particular order). It wasn't cheap, so it gets 5 stars, but we'll call it a 9/10 (there is no such thing as a perfect score, for me at least).


So THIS is what being punched in the face by Mike Tyson into an ocean of bliss feels like! In all seriousness - I was BLOWN away by how powerful this strain is. One bowl from the bong got me in immediate relief. All of today I was feeling anxious and on-edge, one of those days where I just feel that way and don't know why. Had a joint of something else, didn't do much. Went home and took a bowl of Biscotti some hours later, and I was blasted to an imaginary world - it took me by surprise. While handling the immense rush with my eyes shut, I imagined myself soaring through the sky where the clouds are made of cotton candy, where peace, tranqulity and friendship dominate, and where everyone in this imaginary world loves one another - hate has no place. This strain is certainly the answer to world peace - if only political leaders around the world would take a hit of this! Anxiety immediately slips away. This has to be one of the best I've had in a long while.


A true pleasure to smell and smoke. Providing great pain relief whilst calming your anxieties. A great way to relax at the weekend or end of the day. It will help you drift off to sleep and give you those much desired sleep-ins in the morning. I had the biscotti live resin and it was insane. If i could have it at the end of every day I would.


A smooth and absolutely tasty strain in the lineage of Girl Scout Cookies. I also find it to be one of best smelling flowers bestowed up under my nostrils. Biscotti is strong on the mind and yet, so subtle on your lungs bringing you notes of earth, fruit and spice. I often refer to this strain as "Smoking Jacket" flower, which means simply it is a connoisseur's dream.