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Rollins Sativa Flower 3.5g

Rollins Sativa Flower 3.5g

by Cresco Cannabis

11 customer reviews


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Mon Dec 14 2020
Just ordered
Thu Dec 03 2020
This is a great wake n bake! I have anxiety and this lifts me way up without any of that. It also makes having to do e-learning with your kid, a lot more bearable. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Would recommend.
Sun Nov 29 2020
My first time with Rollins and I found it to be exactly as advertised. A great wake and bake surprise, definitely a shiny sativa. The smell of both citrus and fuel are obvious from the start and the taste and smoke are smooth. I May have to make this a go-to strain.
Mon Nov 16 2020
Rollins was what I was hoping for and more. Like the hard charging intellectual Henry Rollins, this strain comes on fast and hard. Leaving one smiling, alert and motivated. Rollins packs a powerful punch, it has a sweet, floral, earthy flavor all the way thru. This sativa dominant strain delivers an enjoyable, inspirational and blues squashing euphoria that lasts. At a claimed 28% THCA from Cresco, Rollins should be respected is worth trying or better yet, keeping stocked.
Wed Oct 21 2020
This strain definitely has a beautiful scent and mixed with a bit of dried rose petals creates a relaxed and uplifting vibe. I feel that I need to take my time with this joint as it gives quite the burst of energy after it settles in. I like this strain for pairing with my morning coffee and then micro dosing throughout the day. Good if you need to get some creative work done, or physical movement tasks. Wouldn’t smoke this in the evening or during tasks that require you to be inactive. If you “overdo” it, energizing yoga helps me to recenter myself, but I’d encourage pacing yourself with this one. Overall lovely time. ☺️
Sat Sep 26 2020
One of my favorite smelling strains. Had a very sweet smell and a subtle but smooth fruity taste when it’s smoked. It’s a good wake and bake strain as it’s not overwhelmingly heady in its high. If you can get your hands on this, don’t pass it up.
Thu Sep 03 2020
Smells Great! Looks Fire! However I expected more of a lift. Once I finish my jay, an almost overwhelming feeling hits you ( like you over did it ). I held on expecting to launch off, but it never came. Thats the energy winding up to a flat. High lasted me upto 3 hrs before I felt the crash. Nice, morning and afternoon bake. Everyones talking like its indica dominent and I don't feel it.
Wed Aug 19 2020
This one’s got a pungent smell fuuurrr sure: imagine a lit lemon-verbena candle sitting in the middle of a swamp, but that’s only if you really stick your nose in there for a hot minute. The taste is wheat/hay-like. I second the homie before me who said it zonks you out, totally accurate. I would recommend it for an afternoon session with your amigos and a chill documentary from National Geographic about the Alps or something. My high lasted for ~2 hours, 5 minutes feels like 30 minutes and I only had a mild case of the munchies. Pretty impressed with the size of the bud Cresco gives but I also thought it seemed hella dry.
Wed Aug 12 2020
Tasted off, like hay or fresh cut grass, so I’m not sure if it was dried properly. But strain itself had me zonked. I spaced out for like an hour in blissful peace before I came back to reality lol. Then I was super tired and fell asleep immediately.
Sun Jul 05 2020
So yeah typical racing thoughts at the initial onset like most Sativas wit this one. But it has some suprisingly great medicinal benefits. Great for migraines! I had a hella wine headache, which I can get from just one glass of wine. Sometimes these turn into intractable migraines if I am unlucky. One bowl of Rollins the headache was completely gone. I’m smiling, and completely relaxed it is kind of hard to believe this is only 10 percent Indica. It is is relaxing enough that I would not even recommend for wake and bake. Because I tried it and wound up going back to bed lolz. It is more of an evening strain. Before or after dinner. Did not give me crazy munchies.