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by DaVinci Vaporizer

11 customer reviews


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Sat May 09 2020
The DaVinci Miqro is my first ever vape, and it has been the perfect choice for me. Sleek, compact, and well built, it just feels solid and high quality in hand. You also get a lot of control over temperature, so you can explore all of those terpenes at lower temps, which would otherwise be lost at combustion/high temperatures. Overall, this was an excellent purchase for me.
Wed Feb 12 2020
One of the first things that attracted me to the DaVinci Miqro is its simple but classy look. It does not have a lot of buttons and stuff that often confuse me. Mine is in rust, a color I like because, well, because it looks good. Clean. I also really, really like the fact that it’s portable and easy to carry around. I don’t have to worry anymore about stuff like my pocket getting bulky and heavy. Also, I was told that the Miqro has something called smart path technology. I don’t really know what that is but they told me it’s what releases the new flavors. So, yeah, it’s small but it has a lot of bite.
Tue Feb 11 2020
I was looking for a dry herb vaporizer with a good hit and I found DaVinci Micro. Great choice for only my second vape! It’s handy and easy to use. I can bring it with me wherever I go. And I like the hit I get and all the solid clouds, too. The flavor isn’t bad either. Battery life may not be as long as the big ones, but DaVinci Micro still packs a lot of power. I just simply recharge the battery when I want to use it longer. I got the rust-colored one and I love how it looks! It has buttons for temperature, a ceramic oven, and even an LED showing battery life. Not a lot of complicated stuff and that’s okay with me!
Tue Feb 11 2020
The first time I saw a DaVinci Miqro, I said, “That’s your new vape? You gotta be kidding me! It’s so small!” And I laughed at my friend. But then I found myself getting one a few weeks later. I got curious after my friend told me all the good things about it. He literally enumerated all its awesome features to me. So, I decided to get one for myself! I’m enjoying it now, my DaVinci Micqro rust. It doesn’t only give me a vaping high, it also makes me look really cool because it looks really good! It’s sleek and sexy look. Makes me feel sexy, too!
Tue Feb 11 2020
"I’ve been looking for a dry herb vape that’s easy to bring around and I believe I’ve found what I need in the DaVinci Micqro. It’s sized really small, smaller than the DaVinci IQ. What I like about it though is that even if it’s not as big as other vapes, it works really well for me because it has this thing called Smart Path that allows you to adjust the temperature when you vape. I like the flavor that comes out of it, too. I got the rust variety and I like the way it looks. It’s small but stylish – perfect for showing off to my friends!"
Mon Feb 10 2020
This DaVinci Miqro is small but packed with a lot of the good stuff. And it’s easy to carry around, too! I got the rust-colored one and it looks and feels really sleek! First time I held it in my hands, it fit perfectly. Fits just right into my pocket, too! It has a small battery, but this doesn’t bother me because it’s rechargeable and replaceable. Even though the Miqro is really micro, it gives you a lot of flavor. Really good flavor! It’s also awesome that I can somewhat personalize the dose I get by adjusting the oven size.
Sun Feb 09 2020
Hi this is a fellow stoner who was in need of some good af vaporizers. Lately I’ve been looking for sumthing to keep me going while I’m away on long trips for the whole day. Most of my stuff from before really lacked battery life and i hated it everytime it ran out of battery. but its not like that with DaVinci. As long as i remember to bring the extra battery then I’m a happy stoner everywhere i go! Also its really cool that it has a pack for my herbs. i usually keep mine in a plastic bag but the carry can xl is a good thing to have. i like it so far.
Fri Feb 07 2020
Wassup! I just got my package from DaVinci a while back. It was pretty awesome :D Like it had all the things I was looking for in a vaporizer. Small, light and easy to use. Its battery-based but it has a long lasting battery life so I can like use it whenever I need a quick drag. And if it ever does run out of battery Davinci has an extra one that I can just bring around which is pretty cool if u ask me. When I'm cooking my herbs it doesn't take long for them to finish heating up. Doesn't even take a minute, if u ask me. So its really awesome. I like it so far.
Fri Feb 07 2020
when it comes to vaping, i really have specific qualitfactions for what i want from a product. like it really needs to provide me with the best vaping experience. since its expensive and a little out of my budget plan, the davinci miqro vaporizer hasnt failed in my expectations yet. its small and compact and fits into my palm perfpectly. also i get to adjust the oven size so that i can still get what i want even if i dont have a lot of herbs at the moment. its a nice tool to have when it comes to saving up on some herbs lmao. 10/10 would recommend to my friends.
Thu Feb 06 2020
Hello!!!! Just wanted to drop by and say that this Miqro vaporizer is the REAL DEAL GUYS!!! Ive been using it for a while now and its super duper easy to use like I get to have the best drags Ive had in awhile. I also really how it comes with its own glove bc I always end up losing my vaporizers after a few weeks and its awesome that I can easily find it with the help of the glove man its just so stylish and compact I never even leave home without it!!!!