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by DaVinci Vaporizer

98 customer reviews


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Wed May 13 2020
This is one of my first times using the DaVinci IQ Miqro Black and I was, if I’m being completely honest, amazed by how revolutionary it was. Like I could control everything that I wanted out of this vape. Like, I could control the temperature settings down to the exact degree I wanted. And we all know that heat changes everything when it comes to vaping. If I wanted a real quick smoke, I could just set it to the highest temperature I wanted. But of course, this made the vape really hot. Thankfully, I managed to add the Miqro Glove as well, which helped me hold the vape with relative ease. Overall, I was impressed by the level of thought and execution that was put into this vape. I’ll be looking forward to more of its releases!
Sat May 09 2020
This small vaporizer is practically one of my best purchases for this year. Aside from its apparent good looks, this nifty gadget is a breeze to clean. The parts that have to be cleaned up are removable so you can submerge them completely in water. I got one in black because I’m very particular stains and the other variants might get that after a few months of using or so. And even though this is a tiny vaporizer, it still has different smarts paths and a boost mode. It is one smart vaporizer that is smaller than any I’ve used before. It is one everyone should have.
Sat May 09 2020
I like this DaVinci Miqro for so many reasons. I like its portability. In fact, I’ve never seen a vaporizer this small. Its size and built makes it great for solo small dosing which is perfect for getting easy buzzes. It fits right in my jean pocket and it also has a removable battery which I remove to replace with an extra one because I hate constantly charging it. I purchased the battery separately which I recommend you do too. It costs extra but I think it’s worth it as it saves a lot of hassles. I got one in black because it’s the safest color choice, I think.
Sat May 09 2020
I got my miqro vaporizer in black earlier this year and there are several things I like about it. First, it looks really simple and I chose the most basic color because I think you can’t go wrong with that. And second, I can easily bring it around because it is pocket-friendly and hides well in my palm for those sneaky hits in empty hallways or empty rooms in your friend’s or parent’s house. Another thing to note is that this is pretty easy to clean and easy to use. But what I really like about this miqro most is the small size and the small loads.
Fri May 08 2020
My friend introduced me to DaVinci’s Miqro last year but I was quite hesitant because I’ve been using my IQ for a long time and really like the satisfaction it gives me. But I still tried to talk with their customer service representative. I got a lot of information from Rich. He was all ears when I told him I couldn’t really decided yet if I wanted a Miqro. He talked a lot about how the product has helped a lot of people feel better…you know, getting a relaxing, calm effect every time they puff on a vape. He had me sold on that. So, I got one for myself. I chose a black colored one, well, because it looks really stylish. And I’ve always loved anything in black (like my shirts!). Anyway, I’m satisfied with the Miqro. Its vapor really gives me a calm and relaxing feeling.
Fri May 08 2020
I’m pretty new to vaping and my experience purchasing my first DaVinci vaporizer was fun and convenient. I didn’t expect it to be though, as I’ve become so used to poor customer service. With DaVinci, everything was easy peasy because of Rosie. She helped introduce me to their products and recommended both the IQ and the Miqro. I chose to go with the Miqro though because of its size – very convenient for a woman like me. Rosie showed me all the cool features of the Miqro and I appreciated it a lot because it made my first time easy and fun. Aside from its size, which allows me to keep it inside my pocket or purse, I also like its temperature control feature. Perfect for first time users like me! I like the flavors and vapors, but I must admit that I was really attracted to its classic stylish design. My black Miqro goes well with any outfit of the day! I’ll definitely get another DaVinci in the future!
Fri May 08 2020
DaVinci has always been my go-to brand for dry herb vaporizers. They’ve proven time and again that they know what they’re doing. They know what we need for an exceptional and memorable vaping experience. My favorite among all their first-rate products is the Miqro. It’s soooo small and I love it! I love its flavors, its vapor, its sleek design (especially if you have the black one!), awesome features, and world-class customer service! I talked to a guy named Rich and he was such a blessing as he helped me with everything I needed to do – from providing me with background info about the Miqro to choosing the best color that suited me, he was extra attentive. It’s something we don’t see a lot of nowadays. I’ll definitely purchase from DaVinci again! But for now, let me enjoy my Miqro to the fullest!
Fri May 08 2020
Usually, when you talk to a customer service representative, you’ll have to wait a long time before they’ll give you what you need. My experience with DaVinci’s rep, however, is a completely different one. The guy I talked to was Hector and he was immediately attentive to my needs. He also answered all my questions about DaVinci and their new product, Miqro. At the end of our conversation, I was 100% sure to order and buy my very first DaVinci vaporizer….and I sure am glad I did! The Miqro has all the works that I need – cool and relaxing flavors that give me the high I need, satisfying vapor, temperature that I can control, a replacement battery, and its small size. I also like its classic minimalist look. I got the black one and it’s really quite a fashion statement – a useful one, of course!
Fri May 08 2020
I used to love vaporizing only at home, in my car, or at a friend’s house. Now, that we’re in the middle of a pandemic, I have no choice but to do it indoors haha. But way back when I’m out in a park or whatever, I smoke a little with my one hitter pipe because I don’t want to get too high and get anyone’s attention. I have to use that because my old vaporizer was too huge for my liking. It was a little bit much so I would have to share to avoid wasting a good load. That’s when I decided to get this black miqro because it’s just the right size. I can just vaporise wherever I want and whenever I want.
Fri May 08 2020
This black Miqro vaporizer was just given to me and it’s rare for someone to give me exactly what I want but this gift turned out to be pretty useful. The size is perfect because it doesn’t cause suspicion when you use it anywhere. It also has a small loading chamber so I wouldn’t have to vaporize too much which I like. It fits loosely in my pocket so it doesn’t feel like you’re carrying a mini gun or something. Lastly, I also find this very essential for my THC needs. It probably sounds exaggerated but I think I can totally quit smoking because of this.