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Dime Bag Cannabis Flower Lavender Cross

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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I bought some of this at a dispensary in San Diego. I tried it because I’ve had some of their Zkittles and for the price it was pretty good. This Lavender wound up being pretty much the same story. These buds weren’t trimmed all that great and there was some extra long stem in my bag, but...the buds were sticky and dense and spongy and it wound up weighing a bit more than an eighth so, no problems there. Flavor wasn’t bad, and after a small bowl I felt pretty nice. Pretty heady and relaxed and ready to sleep. I smoke for pain relief as I have a neuromuscular disease. So...this is my second strain I’ve had from Dime Bag, and just like the first, it’s two thumbs up for the money you spend. If you are lookin for a decent cost effective bowl, this would fit the bill.

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