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DYNOMYCO™ Growing Nutrients DYNOMYCO™

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About this product

DYNOMYCO™ is a highly concentrated mycorrhizal inoculant containing two species of endomycorrhizal fungi. What DYNOMYCO™ will do for you: The mycorrhizal fungi form a hyphal network interweaving through root cells and the soil. This network is able to access nutrients that are physically out of reach to the roots or chemically unavailable to the plant. Beneficial fungi: DYNOMYCO™ contains two species of endomycorrhizal fungi that have been researched extensively for agricultural use. The combination of these two species at high concentrations allows the fungi to colonize the plant roots and to begin working right away on breaking down unavailable phosphorus and other micro-elements and transporting them to the plant. Increased phosphorus uptake : Roughly 85% of phosphorus given to the plants is not bioavailable for plant uptake. The mycorrhizal fungi's enzymes break down these insoluble phosphorus salts into soluble phosphate ions and transport them directly to the plant's root cells. By increasing the plant's ability to absorb phosphorus the plant can direct more energy towards flower production. Appropriate media: For use in soil, cocoa. Quality Control and Quality Assurance: DYNOMYCO™ was developed by Groundwork BioAg's team of plant scientists, agronomists and plant pathologists after 30 years of research at Volcani center (ARO). We've developed new methods for producing mycorrhizal fungi and methods to increase propagule concentrations. DYNOMYCO™ has been tested by medical cannabis growers in Israel and in the USA. DYNOMYCO™ is proudly produced in Israel at our state-of-the-art facility. Each package is strictly tested and screened for quality prior to shipment.

About this brand

DYNOMYCO™ was developed in Israel after 30 years of research at Volcani Center (ARO) and by the team of agronomists, soil scientists and biologists. DYNOMYCO™ is a cannabis-specific premium mycorrhizal inoculant with two species of endomycorrhizal fungi at 900 propagules per gram. The species in DYNOMYCO™, glomus intraradices and glomus mosseae have been scientifically proven to have symbiotic relationships with cannabis plants. The high concentration of propagules in DYNOMYCO™ enables the fungi to colonize the roots faster and to begin transporting more nutrients and water directly to the plant. This symbiotic relationship helps increase yields, reduce plant stress, improve soil structure and more!

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