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Rio Bravo

21 customer reviews


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Mon Oct 12 2020
Provides a euphoric high and a nice body tingle. Great socializing/party strain.
Sat Jan 25 2020
Find it just puts me to sleep!
Fri Jan 17 2020
Great flavour, works quickly for headaches. Band around your head feeling and was an uplifting experience for me with getting work done. Lasted a long time with 1 Zig Zag.
Sun Jan 05 2020
Amazing smell like eucalyptus and lavender. Burnt really well and evenly, not too smooth but not gross either. Great soothing body high without disorientation and mind soothing, great for end of work day or at the beach.
Fri Dec 20 2019
Amazing strain! This is mine and my husbands go to strain.
Mon Dec 16 2019
Great smooth flavour. The high begins with a nice boost of energy followed by inspiration for a little adventure. I found it slightly scattered my thoughts with interruption to focus but the happy and euphoric vibes were well worth it. A little into the high, I felt my hunger start to guide the adventure. After a carb heavy meal I was ready for some come down couch lock. I felt the evening end of with some anxiety which is why this can only be a three star from me
Sun Dec 01 2019
Just love this one! Looking for an energetic, social, happy good time afternoon sativa? This one is worthy. Perfect for afternoon drinks with friends. Gets your brain,jokes and laughter going. I recommend. A good time. Cheers.
Sat Nov 23 2019
strong head high. One lyric from a song will get stuck in your head repeatedly. mind blowing, will wipe the etch a sketch of your mind clean!
Fri Oct 25 2019
Bought just 1g to test in my Ghost MV1, nice and fresh, didn’t use grinder just sprinkled 0.1g into the vaporizer. did 3 hits first two at 200C, it was buttery smooth, not a cough, just pure THC and pine taste, 3rd hit at 210C it was a bit smoky last 2 seconds of the draw and had amazing kick. I did that 1 hour before my daughter comes back from school, 1.5h later we did grade 9th math homework, boy I was banging examples better than teacher. My mind was clear, I had patience, and I just remembered everything from my high school, just incredible. I’m not sure if name Edison didn’t give me that super smart vibe, but the herb is top notch. Tastes like gin and tonic with slight pine taste, very smooth in convection vaporizer, I do not smoke for last 15y and didn’t cough at all, that tells you how smooth this was. I felt literally smart like math professor. My daughter is like: Dad you are smart… If she only knew…
Sat Oct 19 2019
Slow ass brain waves. Head indica. Minimal body effects below the neck