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Lola Montes

Lola Montes

by Edison Cannabis Co.

9 customer reviews


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Thu Sep 24 2020
Smoked a joint of this after a long day of running around ..was great to unwind and relieve the stress of the day .wasn't harsh at all ..def be buying again
Sun Feb 02 2020
Great for pain relief, stress, anxiety. Helps with sleep as I work nights. 19.1%, 🇨🇦
Sat Jan 04 2020
I can't in good conscious give more than 2 stars to this strain (let alone the brand). It's packaged months before hitting the shelves, bone dry to putting it nicely, loses weight after packaging so you never get a true 1g or 3.5g. I can't recommend this cannabis unless you're looking for budgetary weed just to get you by. This strain is not bad overall, not very tasty, probably best for cooking/baking since it's already dust when you purchase it.
Sat Jan 04 2020
This Indica dominate plant has a dill weed like sent and peppery note. Is is not overly stinky but has rather herbal and a bit sharp. When smoked it has more peppery flavour and a sense of classic weed or hash like. It is ease to smoke in joint. Since adding moisture retaining packs and better seals Organigram’s Edison products shines though. It is a well priced cannabis around $33 (Can) for 3.5g and has a good long high that is mellow and chilled. Great for after work or with tea time! It is a 16.2% THC, and not dried out at all now. In the Dark Blue containers. Personally one of my favourite Indica's.
Thu Dec 05 2019
Pretty decent product! I’ve heard quite a bit about this from a few friends and after trying it I know I’ll purchase more later on. Glad to see Edison Cannabis is providing quality products for a decent price.
Sat Sep 07 2019
Purchased: 2019/09/06 Packaged: 2018/11/10 Lot: 29523 Amt: 3.5G THC: 16.5 First off this pot is badly sealed, bone dry and in a container that is far to big. Its rattled around and on opening I found almost a gram busted up in the bottom. Many buds looked scraggly with bare stalks because of this. The buds are a bright lime green with orangeish yellow hairs and a fair amount of crystal. Very little smell even when vaping it. I found the buzz to be very creeper and slowly got higher after I finished a bowl. Very smooth, no coughing no sore throat. But I did find the taste to be a little off. Kind of like smoking in a dirty pipe. Not sure if thats how it normally tastes or because the BC Cannabis Store sold me year old pot. End of the day I wouldnt buy this again nor would I suggest it when there is far better pot and companies that do properly seal and sell much fresher pot (Broken Coast, THC Biomed, Citizen Stash, Redecann, Emerald Health)
Thu Mar 07 2019
Bought off of OCS. Buds were very dry, but vaped in my SS, I absolutely loved the effects. If you’re on a daily, you may find the effects mild, but the mood enhancement was uplifting, relaxing, cathartic stress eliminator, great chill experience. If you’re hoping to get baked out of your tree, look elsewhere. If you want to melt away your stresses, and enjoy an evening where everything seems amazing and awesome while still being functional, this is a can’t miss experience. Great flower for eliminating anxiety and huge mood enhancer, not for people hoping to be so fried you don’t know your name. Low munchies strain too.
Fri Feb 15 2019
Very relaxing, super chill high. Smooth smoke.
Thu Feb 07 2019
Good body high, not too strong, very relaxing. Quite a nice burn and buds in the 1g container even.