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About this product

Banana Punch is a wonderfully flavorful 50/50 Hybrid cross of Banana OG and the Purple Punch strains. The Banana Punch strain was selected for its unique tropical pineapple terpene profile, tranquilizing indica high and it’s supreme hash making qualities. Expect an aroma of ripe bananas and fruity spice when you open the jar and a flavor profile that lives up to its name. A delightful essence of bananas and berries is apparent in the flavor along with the strong OG spice that speaks to the sheer potency of this strain. The nugs are completely caked in a heavy layer of trichomes. The color that does peek through ranges from vibrant greens to with hues of purple with burnt orange hairs. The high of Banana Punch is tranquilizing and a bit of a creeper, as it slowly yet unrelentingly induces a deep state of full body relaxation.

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This is one of my favorite strains of the year, second only to BPD. The smell is absolutely mind-blowing, like a mixture of banana muffins and crushed up Runts candies. Smooth flavor, really creepy high, nice body float. This is a great strain, it’s the most relaxing I’ve had probably all my life too. I could see this strain really coming through for my anxiety issues.


It's been 16 years but now I found myself the second best strain for my severe panic disorder (it is like taking a quarter of Xanax [0.5mg]..Banana Punch and Yoda OG are the only two that work for me for my anxiety as I already take benzodiazepines which is Xanax 2mg aka zannies, sticks, ladders, bars, green hulk, yellow schoolbus, etc. for my panic attacks and I swear this stuff works for me. I am amazed of how great this wonderfully magic plant Cannabis is...the holy grail of medicine..thank you Lord Yahweh!🙏🏼 - Thumper


First of all this strain is beautiful. Being Fully coated in trichombs, with small bits of purple and and orange hairs. It gives off a nice head high but an even better body buzz. It helps perfectly with those who have depression and anxiety and is 100% recommended.

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