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FLOW CBD Deep Tissue Cream

FLOW CBD Deep Tissue Cream

by Fairwinds

5 customer reviews


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Sun Feb 16 2020
I used this for some localized pain a few months back -- it seemed to work better than the other meds I had, both Rx and over-the-counter, so I held onto it after the problem subsided. This last week, I had some really bad tendonitis -- I couldn't use my right arm at all (if you don't know, you can live as long with tendonitis as you could without it, but the pain can be horrible). I had only a little swelling, but couldn't rotate my arm in one direction, couldn't lift my hand much higher than my waist, and couldn't twist my wrist at all. I applied the Flow, and in 15 minutes I was much better. Not out of pain, and it registered badly when I tried to move my arm too far, but I could sleep again. The next morning I was stiff, I applied it again, and again got relief in a quarter of an hour. I went to the doctor the next day and explained all this -- the nurse taking my history told me her SO had phlebitis and had been prescribed opiates for it. He found this stuff was better for him than the opiates, and seemed to be free of any habituation risk. I had tried other CBD creams and so on, but this is the only one that really seemed to have effect on my pain, and it works fast. If you don't feel substantially better in half an hour, try something else -- it took me several experiments until I got to this stuff, obviously this is a YMMV situation -- but this is 'right' for me.
Mon May 13 2019
Although this worked for pain relief of a sprain in my foot I’m allergic to something in this formula. My skin turned bright red and small bumps appeared. So I’ll have to return it. I am not normally sensitive to products.
Sat Apr 13 2019
I had a shoulder replaced 12/20/18. Healing as planned until I fell 2x on the ice 6 weeks post op. Lots of physical therapy helped but I still had pain and a bad scar. Started using Flow cbd cream and gel... pain is gone, better range of motion and the huge scar looks great!!
Fri Mar 29 2019
This stuff is amazing. I bought this for my mom who is still dealing with the pain of Shingles for nearly a year now. This is the only thing that has brought her relief. This is a tough pain to beat and she has a high pain tolerance. She says that she gets about 4 hours of relief that even mild opiates could not give her. She’s also applying it to her broken knee cap while it is still mending after surgery and gets relief. I had purchased another brand that did not have the same results for pain relief. This makes me think they are not all equal and there is some science to this particular formula. We are a family that deals with many different and chronic pain issues that range from genetic autoimmune, serious injury and movement disorder related pain. We also share a drive to not let the pain slow us down, a high pain tolerance and a dislike of long term opiates or over the counter pain medication. They don’t work anyway for the long run. We are exploring high CBD products without the high feeling that can give relief. Customer related reviews are important to this search and are difficult to find. I hope this review will help others in their search and believe this is only the beginning of products that will bring relief.
Wed Mar 20 2019
This works so well I have R/A an Fibromyalgia an I'm in love with this stuff .