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CBDAILY™ Softgels | 900mg CBD

CBDAILY™ Softgels | 900mg CBD

by Farmacy Bliss

21 customer reviews


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Love the soft gels from Farmacy Bliss. Helps with my Essential Tremors, stress and anxiety. One or two capsules gets me through the day. I feel better and not tired when using the gels over the medication for the tremors. Thank you for a great product!


Love this brand. I use all of their products daily to maintain good health, as well to diffuse any neck pain or headaches that arise. Their products are incredibly convenient to use and very effective. I carry their vape pens in my pocket when I go out and simply take as needed throughout the day. I use their products morning to night.


I've been using these softgels for about a year and I think they're wonderful! Easy to take and very effective. I have arthritis in both knees and hands. If I forget to take my CBDaily, I notice it. Before I started to taking them, I thought I was going to have to give up knitting. Also, I walk five miles a day and I'm not longer in pain. I'm so grateful to have found a product that is consistent, easy to take and makes a real difference in my daily functioning.


Use them on many different occasions...Didn't find them very effective.


I've had 17 surgeries by the time I was 32, I'm 27 now and lead an active lifestyle. It's been a fun and eventful ride, yet I definitely have some aches and pains in my broken hands, wrists, and other major joints. I skydive daily and lead an active life style none the less. I can't afford to take pain killers that dull my senses. CBD Daily soft gels worked wonders for me, only thing that worked for my aches and pains with out the side effects or mental fog. Allowing me to enjoy my life with out having to slow down. I would recommend these to anyone who needs relief from body aches and pains on a daily basis.


I had a terrible case of sciatica and these Farmacy Bliss softgels were the ONLY thing that helped it. They not only took the edge off the pain and reduced inflammation so I could start to heal, they relieved the stress and anxiety I was feeling because of the pain and injury and gave me an incredibly welcome sense of calm and well being.


Impressive for its quality and potency. It's now my daily go-to supplement. Taste great too.. Highly recommend it.


I've been buying CBD softgels from Farmacy Bliss for several months. I have Crohn's disease and I found that CBD helps keep the inflammation down. I've been feeling calmer overall and don't have as many flare ups as I used to. Their customer service is great and shipping is fast and free! Highly recommend it!


This is my first CBD product I ever took (still taking) and knew nothing about it until I've met the owner of this awesome family run company who introduced me to the wonderful world of cannabinoids. I'm dealing with severe panic attacks for many years, conventional medicine and conventional herbal remedies didn't really work. I got nothing to loose so decided to give it a try and purchased Farmacy Bliss CBD softgels. Best investment in my health ever! I have been taking it everyday since July 2018. It took couple of weeks to feel the effects. It was subtle at first but now I can definitely feel the difference of how I felt just couple of months ago and how I'm feeling now. Better control of my thoughts, the "about to panic" state is much easier to eliminate before it even goes into full blown attack. I know that everyone reacts differently and the dosage can also vary. For people like me one capsule could be too relaxing so I'm taking half the softgel everyday and it works wonderfully. Excellent quality! No withdrawals even if I miss the dose, no side effects. Try it out and see for yourself.


I've tried several CBD products to help manage my morning anxiety, and this one has been the most effective thus far. I take one softgel in the morning and within 10-15 minutes feel calming relief, which takes me through most of the day. I love the fact that this product is healthy and doesn't contain any harmful substances. Def recommend!