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Firefly 2

Firefly 2

by Firefly

85 customer reviews


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Very happy with the firefly2, works very fast, vaporizes flower efficiently, easy to clean, really like the application on my iPhone. The battery lasts long enough to get what I need, the extra battery is a bonus. Easy charge stand. A nice engineered vaporizer, more for the casual civilized user.


Not worth even looking at. I threw mine in the dumpster. I bought a Zeus Smite for 1/3 the price $99.00 and am very well pleased. I just feel very ripped off, please do not buy!


This vapes ok, but I prefer my grasshopper vape. It heats up way faster, tastes good, and is more stealth.


When I first got this crap , I thought I was doing something wrong. Watching this Video seeing this Dude blow this big cloud of smoke . Maybe mine is broken let me check the reviews to see if anyone was having same problems. Already wasted 1/4 of flower. When I read the reviews I than got that feeling I got ripped of by hype advertisement. $345.00 on amazon. Threw it in the lake.


This vape has a definite learning curve. It might be days or weeks before you figure out the right grind, pack and temperature. The rubber seal tears easily. I tried to be as delicate as I could but it still tore very easily. It also becomes unglued, but is easy to restick safely with simple honey. I would be remiss to say that I'm not to blame, but I feel the product could be of sturdier quality. The mouth piece clips break very easily. Worst off, after only a few months of ownership the device has hot spots and is constantly causing combustion in the same spot. I do not recommend the Firefly2 to but to the most careful and delicate of people. This is not me. This is not most of us.


This product is a total ripoff, please stop buying it and supporting this terrible company. If you want to spend $300 on a vape, buy the Ghost MV1. The vape arrived and would not charge. I finally realized the charger was actually draining the battery. Luckily, I spent extra $$$ for the external charger, so I was able to use my vape. I reached out to the company, and they asked me to send the vape back to them at my own cost for analysis. They would keep the vape for up to 14 business days, and charge me $30 if they weren't able to find the issue. (No thanks, I'm using this vape to treat pain, why are you asking your customers to basically pay for and be inconvenienced by fixing your faulty product?) Also, the battery life is TERRIBLE, lasting only 1-2 bowls (and the charger doesn't work). In addition the vape is super hard to figure out how to use. My friends who use it shake their heads and hand it back to me and never ask to use it again. Do not buy this.


FF2 is a complete waste of money. Little or no vapor, and very weak batteries (the extra battery is a big thing for a chronic). This unit is very pricey and looks okay, but it is in fact a huge disappointment and, quite frankly, a rip-off at any price.


Too difficult to clean. Residue gets on the inside lid and the rubber gasket comes off. I guess I will have to send that part to Firefly for replacement, but in the meantime I’ve looked at other higher rated vape alternatives.


Horrible product. Avoid at all costs. The positive reviews are likely generated by the company. Right off the bat the rechargeable battery didn't work. Response from the company....replace the battery. Great... Used for flower only. Extremely poor effect. Cant get a decent hit. Battery does not stay charged. What a rip off!! Other reviews have had similar experiences to mine. Bad, bad product.