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G Pro Vaporizer

G Pro Vaporizer

by G Pen

6 customer reviews


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Sat May 01 2021
I received the G Pen as a gift. It failed to work. As it was a gift, I appealed to the manufacturer for a replacement. There is such a rigormoroll in returning the nonworking vale device that I question it being worthwhile. Still waiting for the replacement of my device. Would not recommend.
Fri Sep 28 2018
This vape is awful. You can smell the weed getting burned away but never get any good drags from the vape. You literally waste your weed every time. It also gets extremely hot! Spend your money else where!!!
Sun Jan 28 2018
its good for its market price around $70 i Zimbabwe right now and you really wouldn't complain for what you get, battery life is good, the flavor of the herbs are more pronounced and effects as well. the only negative is the fast to crack mouth lid
Thu Oct 20 2016
This was my first time using an herbal vaporizer and if this is truly a 4-5 star vaporizer as others have reviewed, this is definitely not for me. The whole thing feels cheap and didn't really come with much in the way of usage instructions. Hits tasted intensely of plastic and the rubber mouthpiece (also gross-tasting) kept falling off. Used it twice and relegated it to the back of my stash box.
Sun Aug 28 2016
I got this as a gift from my friends. This is a great option for a dry herbs-only vaporizer. The herb heats up very evenly, pulling good quality vapour and intense flavour. For example, Bubba Kush is known generally to have a sweet flavour profile but this vape really accentuated its fruity bubble gum-esque taste. It is surprisingly easy to clean and extremely easy to load up. The smell is also minimized, so it is a welcome addition to any collection if you are paranoid about that sort of thing. My only gripe with it is that the mouthpiece is made of flimsy plastic and got cracked very easily. Overall, you can't go wrong with this one.
Fri Jan 29 2016
This little on-the-go vaporizer is all in all a good choice- I've never used any other, so I have nothing to compare it to! But it's not too expensive (under $100, I think it was around $70 ), and does the job. The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 is because the vaporizer itself will get very hot when you're using it regularly. There is a rubber mouthpiece, but it also becomes heated (from being attached to the vaporizers main mouthpiece) and had an aftertaste of burnt tires- from the heated rubber mouthpiece. I took the rubber mouthpiece off, and just vaped from the plastic mouthpiece on the vaporizer. This also gets very hot- hot enough to hurt and burn my lips! Back to the positive aspects of the vaporizer.....battery life is long enough to last you the day, and when it does run out, you just plug in and recharge- it quickly recharges too. Easy to use, easy to load with your favorite strain of cannabis, and easy to clean. Not in the picture, but also includes a brush (like a mascara wand) for cleaning, and a portable charge cable. If you enjoy vaping, this is a good buy. I myself personally enjoy smoking a joint over vaping- I get a much better high. But if you want to try vaping and not spend a fortune, I'd recommend this one!