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Genius Pipe - Top Secret Stealth

Genius Pipe - Top Secret Stealth

by Genius Pipe

7 customer reviews


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Sun Jun 23 2019
This is the first pipe I've purchased in years, and it does not disappoint. The design and function are incredible. This pipe is very easy to load, use, and clean. A very smooth, clear hit that does not hit your lungs like a freight train. This really allows you to enjoy each hit without spending time and energy choking on acrid smoke. The ability to use the slide to clip a bowl is great, and it's very discreet if you decide to take it with you. Once the pipe gets dirty, clean up was always easy. Now with the new Genius sponges, all it takes is soap and water! You can literally clean this in less than 5 minutes and get right back in the game. I will be a Genius consumer for life.
Thu Jun 13 2019
Very simple. Easy to carry around. 5 stars would definitely recommend!
Thu Jun 13 2019
Super easy to carry in my pocket and very stealthy. Awesome product
Fri Jun 07 2019
I love my genius pipe top secret stealth super easy to clean & always gives a cool coughless hit. The slider is the best lid design I've seen on a pipe and it fits great in the pocket : )
Fri Jun 07 2019
This pipe is everything and more when you add the titanium nail, waterless Vape pipe . You Really taste the flower.
Fri Jun 07 2019
I’m one of “those” who appreciates quality and details and am willing to spend a bit more for it. With extra cost I expect not only the aforementioned characteristics but as important is functionality and years worth of use. With that being said, I have had my Genius Pipe - Top Secret Stealth model for over a year. Just cleaned it a few days back with 90% rubbing alcohol and it’s back to brand new. So easy to clean, easy to use and what I enjoy the most is the taste of the flower. The interior dimple design does a magnificent job of acting like a filter and smooths out the smoking experience in a surprisingly efficient way. I have a pipe collection like the rest you and this one is consistently at the top of my rotation. Yes it is a little pricey, but good luck damaging it. Holds a fair amount of flower, wish it held a bit more simply for convenience when I leave the house. Beyond that this is a solid purchase and one I will enjoy for many years to come.
Fri Jun 07 2019
This pipe is by far the best pipe I have ever used in my life! It “magically” cools the smoke down resulting in a cough free experience, allowing you to further enjoy the product you are consuming at that time! As a hash pipe it is second to none! And if dabbing is your thing, their G-Stones sponges make it simple low key! No torches needed! Finally it’s deasgn makes it quick & easy to clean. This could probably be the last pipe you will ever buy, however their many cool designs will make you want to buy a few more for sure! A+++