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10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck

by Glassics

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Glassics Smoking Bubblers 10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck
Glassics Smoking Bubblers 10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck
Glassics Smoking Bubblers 10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck
Glassics Smoking Bubblers 10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck
Glassics Smoking Bubblers 10" Gridded Inline Perc Bent-Neck


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Buy Here: https://www.glassics.co/10-gridded-inline-perc-bent-neck/ This Classic 10" Inline Grid Perc Bubbler is the most elegant and efficient style of our bubblers, utilizing a reinforced natural perc downstem which feeds into a finely gridded inline perc for optimal water filtration. This provides incredible diffusion of smoke bubbles through each of the tiny slits and ensures evenly distributed filtration along the inline perc. It also features a narrow, bent neck to help prevent water from reaching your mouth.  Included for free with this item is a 14mm Bowl w/ Hook for cool handling. There are also a number of additional upgrades and accessories available which can be added to your purchase using the drop-down menus. These include various styles of bowl pieces, nails for dabbing concentrates and downstems.More information about converting between dry and concentrate pieces can be found in our Blog and FAQ page. Replacement items and other additional accessories can be found on our Accessories page. Information about how to clean and maintain your glass piece is located our Blog and FAQ.  Style: Classic Bubbler Dimensions: Height: 10" x Base Diameter: 4" x Width: 5" Joint: 14mm 90° Female Thickness: 5mm Weight: 0.96 lbs Perc Styles: Reinforced Inline Grid Perc Features: Reinforced Stem Includes: 14mm Bowl w/ Hook Ideal Water Volume: 3 fl oz Package Dimensions: Height: 8" x Length: 17" x Width: 8"

About this brand

Glassics Logo
Glassics is a Seattle-based company striving to provide a more satisfying online headshop experience focusing on function, simplicity and affordability. Here you will find only the most iconic and practical scientific glass water pipe designs and accessories that meet the needs of both first-time and veteran smokers alike with no room for gimmicky or flashy products. Our carefully curated selection makes shopping a breeze and ensures that you will find what you need at the best possible price.

About this strain


  1. Caryophyllene
  2. Limonene
  3. Humulene

GSC, also known as "Girl Scout Cookies," is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Durban Poison. This popular strain is known for producing euphoric effects, followed up by waves of full-body relaxation. One hit of GSC will leave you feeling happy, hungry, and stress-free. This strain features a robust THC level of 19% and is best reserved for experienced cannabis consumers. Those with a low THC tolerance should take it slow with GSC as the effects of the strain may be overwhelming. The high THC content in GSC is beloved by medical marijuana patients looking for quick relief from symptoms associated with chronic painnausea, and appetite loss. GSC is famous for its pungent, dessert-like aroma & flavor profile featuring bold notes of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon. The average price per gram of GSC is $11. According to growers, this strain flowers into green and purple buds with fiery orange hairs. GSC has an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks and is a fan favorite of home grow enthusiasts. This strain has won numerous accolades and awards over the years, including a few Cannabis Cups. Because GSC has reached legendary status among the cannabis community at large, you can find many variations of this sought-after strain, including Thin Mint (aka Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies) and Platinum GSC (aka Platinum Girl Scout Cookies).

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