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Gofire Inhaler

by Gofire

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Gofire Vaping Portable Vaporizers Gofire Inhaler
Gofire Vaping Portable Vaporizers Gofire Inhaler
Gofire Vaping Portable Vaporizers Gofire Inhaler
Gofire Vaping Portable Vaporizers Gofire Inhaler
Gofire Vaping Portable Vaporizers Gofire Inhaler


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About this product

Experience Gofire. The first intelligent vaporization device with personal dosing application to actively support your well-being. Vaporize any material, efficiently and effectively with Gofire. Find your minimum effective dose with a proprietary micro-dosing technology. Gain insights regarding your concentrate intake to help you better utilize your medicine. Gofire helps you learn which oils and dose sizes work best for you. Study your SmartCartridge Profile to understand how a dose may affect you, and use the Gofire App to base important decisions regarding your Alternative Health. Choose how you want to feel, and find a unique dose for any situation. Preserve the taste and quality of your favorite concentrates or loose-leaf materials with the first metered-dosing-chamber designed to enhance control and consistency from dose to dose. Utilize the Gofire system to identify dosing regimens that amplify how you live. Take your correct dose, every time, with Gofire. For those who want more, here are some quick facts on the Gofire Inhaler: - Precise dose control of oils in 2.5 mg increments. What you dose is what you get. This is different from other forms of "control" where you are simply timing a draw or measuring an inhale. Everyone inhales differently. Gofire controls the amount of oil that is heated with each inhale. - SmartCartridge technology allows you to view (in the app) the exact chemical profile of your oil, verified by 3rd party lab test results. This means you know exactly what you are inhaling with each dose. - Fresh dose technology allows to extrude fresh oil into the oven each time you want to take a dose. Unlike all other vape cartridges, your oil will never be heated unless you dose it out. This means no degradation of quality and flavor. - Community science in the Gofire app allows you to find the best products in your area based on user ratings and reviews (similar to Yelp) - Track every aspect of every session through the Gofire app to learn what you like best and create a consistent, repeatable experience (similar to FitBit) - The Gofire inhaler was designed with FDA approval in mind, and made from medical grade materials. - Oven efficiency and battery life are beyond anything else on the market. - Precise temperature control to the degree. You can save your three favorite settings in the app for on-the-fly adjustments. - Experience full convection vaporization of extracts and flower.

About this brand

Gofire Logo
Meet Gofire. Your All-In-One Personal Health Solution. Feel confident with Gofire’s patented, micro-dosing technology and mobile wellness app. Live better, and experience an all-day solution designed to help you find targeted relief, however your mind or body needs it. Track your use and experience, and lean on product ratings and reviews from others in your community to identify doses best suited to your needs, and get the most out of every moment with Gofire. Whether you prefer edibles, topicals, extract or loose-leaf, the Gofire App has a solution for you. Live. Confidently. Gofire empowers you to learn which products and dose sizes work best for you. Easily recall your successes to eliminate the guesswork, improve your health regimen and become a better you. Find your perfect dose and go about your day with confidence. Love. At First Dose. Dial your dose in 2.5 mg increments with the Gofire Inhaler and precisely control your medicine for a personalized experience. Designed with FDA approval in mind, this inhaler boasts precise temperature control, convection vaporization and medical grade materials. The Gofire Inhaler is compatible with extracts and loose-leaf. The Gofire Inhaler is available for pre-order today at: https://gofire.co/ Download the Gofire App today at: bit.ly/GofireApp Take your day, one dose at a time, and secure your Gofire Inhaler today.

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Tue Feb 23 2016
One of my friends was beta testing for these guys and I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak. Although they have taken a while to come to market, I think they have actually done it! Not only was I able to blow a cloud like I do off my quartz banger at home.. It tasted like I was smoking off my quartz banger!!! A true dab on the go :))) I can't wait to see the finished product. You've won me over GoFire! I say 4.5/5 only because I can't buy one yet :(