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The Grow Planner: A Cannabis Grower's Weekly/Monthly Planning Style Journal

The Grow Planner: A Cannabis Grower's Weekly/Monthly Planning Style Journal

by Goldleaf

4 customer reviews


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Tue Jan 01 2019
Very happy with this now that I've found it! I've tried two others, which were not nearly as good of quality or layout. Goldleaf seems to be really good at content, workflow and thinking through the best user experiences. Much better than my Green Notes grow notes. I'm on my second journal and I'm just loving it. Highly recommend for any small-time grower!
Wed May 03 2017
Got mine from Etsy store. The company is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I had a few questions regarding the contents of the journal, and how best to use it for my setup and they were very responsive and went out of their way to help. This journal has been great though-- I LOVE the feeding schedule page, annual calendar, and weekly entry points. I don't fill it out EVERY day, but the full spread dedicated to a week lets me put down overall notes for the week without feeling like I'm a lazy fool by missing days. I didn't use the 'terms' sheet in the back-- but i can see how it could be helpful to a newbie. Same with the garden planner pages (created to help you sketch out new grow space designs). I've got my system, and it purrs like a kitten. Anywho, very much enjoy this guided approach to note taking and I'll be buying more of these.
Tue Apr 25 2017
Got one of these for my b-day from my wife, and it is changing my life! I absolutely love it. It is a guided planner for hobbyist and home growers. I think it would work for smaller commercial operations too, but probably not big ones (those folks probably have clipboards and such!). It is informative and pretty fun to fill out. There is a killer feeding schedule (that you fill in), monthly cals, and annual cal (which is about my favorite page since it gives me a macro look at my harvest dates and weeks of flowering), weekly entry pages which is the bulk of the book and a bunch of charts and reference pages. The weekly pages have coloring book style checkboxes for common stuff like foliar feeding, watering, IPM treatment, etc. I'm almost done with my first journal-- they are designed to be one per grow so that you can have a clean start / stop frame of reference. This seemed pretty obvious by the description, but I did see the other reviewer seemed to miss this. I do agree with him/her that the 'garden planner' section was a little limiting. It worked great for me-- I have a small setup that I was finishing building, but for most people, they are probably past that so they might not need it. But in my experience with daily / weekly planners-- you seldom use EVERY page... if you DO want to use it, it is a pretty cool layout. Beyond that-- I thought the quality was akin to Moleskin's Cashier style books, maybe slightly better. This isn't anything like a traditional moleskin-- those are hardbound, this is soft. The paper weight actually seems a little heavier than moleskin too... not that that should be the benchmark, but there you have it.
Tue Apr 04 2017
Quality isn't as nice as Moleskine journals. The cover material (sort of glossy paper, cardstock) scuffs easily, and mine came scuffed up already. It also gets small creases along the spine which ruins the finish, and results in white cracks/lines. Also, the ink from the inside of the cover rubs off onto the front and back pages, discoloring those pages. The paper itself is thin enough to let the ink show through to the other side. I didn't realize that the "Grow Planner" really is intended for a single grow cycle. It does have some support for multiple strains but it doesn't seem like that would be very useful unless all of them started at the same time and ended about the same time. This means you'd really need to get another planner for every grow. It seems especially limiting if you are growing Autoflowering plants with short seed-to-harvest times (like 60 days / 8 weeks), since the planner is for a 20 week grow. The calendar is a nice feature for planning and the supply list could be interesting (to calculate cost of the specific grow), however, the "garden plan" and "weekly notes" sections don't seem very useful as designed. The "garden plan" is meant to be a grid to draw out the physcial layout of your garden. Even if that were very useful (remember, for a single "grow") the grid dots are very dark and would be much more pleasant if instead they made it like graph paper (light lines). Onto the "weekly notes" section. This 20 page section consists of a left page, with 1-inch tall rows, one for each day of a 7 day week, and a right page, which is a blank (lined) page for random notes. On the left side, each day's row has lines for recording humidities and temps as well as checkboxes for "Water Only", "Nutrients","Foliar", and "IPM". These options seem to only fit certain kinds of grows (soil/soilless vs hydro). In my opinion they are overly specific and clutter up the page for those who won't use them. I think the rows would be more useful without any checkboxes or prompts; simply a place to put notes specific to that day. And at that point, I'd rather not have the general weekly notes (right page) at all; give me more room for other grows within the same journal instead. Overall I see what this product is trying to be but the quality of the materials and the limitations imposed by the formatting make it overpriced when you consider the per-grow cost.