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The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion

by Goldleaf

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Goldleaf Books & Games Books The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion
Goldleaf Books & Games Books The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion
Goldleaf Books & Games Books The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion
Goldleaf Books & Games Books The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion
Goldleaf Books & Games Books The Patient Journal: A Medical Cannabis Companion


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About this product

The Patient Journal is a notebook designed specifically for medical cannabis patients. It is no surprise that there are some unique challenges that patients & prescribing physicians face when dealing with medical cannabis. These include product consistency, strain variation, potency, and everyone's unique reaction to various cannabinoids. Finding the right treatment is tough. We developed the Patient Journal to empower patients by giving them the tools to accurately chart all the important factors in their therapy. They can use this information to share with their caregiver or tweak their own regime. Our goal is to ease the anxiety of patients new to cannabis, as well as outfit long-time users with the tools they need to better understand their body and their treatment. -25+ days of guided entry pages -Timelines to help forecast the duration of a dose -Blank strain lab result pages -Cannabinoid and Terpene effect infographics -Strain recommendations for various ailments -Acid-free, chlorine-free, responsibly milled paper -Cream colored pages are easier on the eyes -Discrete recycled matte finished cover with gold emblem -A5 size - 5.8" x 8.3" for better visibility

About this brand

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With all of the myths and misconceptions surrounding the cannabis conversation, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees. Goldleaf exists to bring a clear and credible perspective by pairing compelling design with the latest peer-reviewed research, making the complex more approachable—beautiful, even. Specializing in guided notebooks and elegant print design for cannabis patients, growers and enthusiasts alike, Goldleaf products are offered worldwide in the hope that a more thoughtful, educated, and eye-catching perspective will help shift the conversation towards a more holistic future. Cannabis research is evolving quickly, which is why Goldleaf creates in small batches to stay in step with current findings. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Goldleaf also provides custom design services for like-minded organizations around the world.

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Tue Apr 24 2018
Just love to see stuff like this! I was given one by my daughter and was very impressed at the content and ease. As a medical professional, I think we need more tools & education like this. Although my expertise is not in cannabis, I've used it medically for myself to help with nausea and this journal was a comfort and help. I was able to identify what terpene levels I should be aiming for, as well as some strains (or cultivars as they call it!) to avoid! Great product.
Wed Oct 04 2017
Saw an amazing review from 'TheStonerMom' youtube channel. Made me want to try it out and boy was I impressed! I don't normally do review like this, but I had to give it a shout out. Super fun to fill out and look through, amazing quality and it has been REALLY helpful for my PTSD, as far as which strains have been effective. I do a lot of indica, since those help the most, and they normally knock me on my ass-- so jotting down my reaction early in the 'therapy' is needed. This journal is perfect for that and I'd recommend it for anyone who uses cannabis for medical reasons-- or anyone who wants to learn what strains are right for them. Cheers.
Mon May 15 2017
a killer journal. I struggle with pain due to a car accident when i was 19-- I've been prescribed plenty of heavy opiate based drugs, but they wreak havoc on my system in SO many ways. I discovered cannabis as an alternative a while back and have always been trying to find a strain / delivery method / dosage that worked for me without making me too tired or brain dead. This journal has been a real help in isolating what works best for different times of day. It is obviously only a tool-- but a good, well thought-out one. It has helped me know how much of a dose I should take, what strains to avoid and even recommended some strains that have turned out to be great for my case. A worthwhile purchase.