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Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

by Grassroots Cannabis

14 customer reviews


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Wed Jul 08 2020
Amazing at 29%
Tue Apr 28 2020
hey whats up Maryland peeps! you guys are lucky with the pre rolls ect. lol. im up here in Pittsburgh and yeah we dont have em. yet?
Fri Apr 17 2020
It was very relaxing.. great aphrodisiac.
Thu Apr 16 2020
Not as much flavor as expected.
Wed Jan 22 2020
Sweet and creamy on the inhale and a little woodsy on the exhale. Always a consistent good selection. With a nice elevated experience.
Tue Dec 31 2019
Favorite hybrid strain, great high without putting you to sleep
Thu Oct 17 2019
I've been smoking for 15+ years and by far the best strain I've ever smoked. It was testing right at 31%. It was very well balanced and didn't give me the munchies which I enjoy.
Wed Aug 14 2019
Amazing Bud!! definitely my favorite!! has the best taste out of all bud I've smoked (16 years!)anyways..... (for me) Its Calming and euphoric and also boosts my creativity without killing my energy! But what's weird is I found if I'm trying to go to sleep late at night and I take a big rip, see ya later good night!! haha Anyways over all hands down my favorite Bud to smoke great during the day and great at night!! @Grassroots you guys definitely produced some high quality Bud here! good work and keep bday cake coming!
Fri Jul 19 2019
I picked up an 1/8th of this a while back. The THC content was 30%, the highest I’ve ever seen in pure flower. Now my tolerance isn’t low by any means, but this sent me to the moon! And by that I mean the couch then bed. I felt deep relaxation and it definitely gave me a case of the munchies. It’s most definitely a nighttime strain ONLY. You’ll be out of commission the rest of the day if you smoke or vape any before you’ve taken care of your responsibilities. This is not a beginner’s strain; mix it with a low-THC or high-CBD strain if you don’t have a high tolerance. Best to go easy when trying this for the first time.