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My Keisha flower is by Green Dragon and is an Indica Dominate Hybrid Containing 30% THC! Mint green buds covered with snowy white trichomes and a few short dark orange pistils. Buds look like pine trees covered in snow. Grape berry and spicy mint are the smells and tastes. Usual Indica effects of happy relaxed body sedation. Lineage is Purple Urkle and Southern Comfort with Boulder Queen. Stay Elevated!!

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Harnessing the unique spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes of each strain from each harvest, Green Dragon Extracts crafts premium CO2 oils and distillates for those who want to experience the pure power of the plant. Green Dragon creates completely non-hydrocarbon, Full-Spectrum CO2 oil and CO2 extracted distillates. Using our proprietary, sub-critical extraction process, 100% Strain Specific, Real Cannabis Terpenes (RCT) are retained. Green Dragon cartridges are built with our exclusive, Clean, Glue-less Ceramic Technology. All glass with an adjustable airflow vent. Only Green Dragon offers 1/4 gm , 1/2 gram and 1 full gram cartridges.