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Custom Pouch Line

by Grove Bags

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Grove Bags Services Label & Packaging Custom Pouch Line
Grove Bags Services Label & Packaging Custom Pouch Line
Grove Bags Services Label & Packaging Custom Pouch Line
Grove Bags Services Label & Packaging Custom Pouch Line
Grove Bags Services Label & Packaging Custom Pouch Line

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About this product

Grove Bags are custom designed around cannabis for low oxygen levels and water vapor transmission properties. Combined with active humidity control and antistatic properties, our pouches create the “perfect cannabis climate,” leaving your product fresh from cultivation to consumption. Bring your brand identity to the next level with beautifully curated custom branding on the packaging you use from harvest to point of sale!

About this brand

Grove Bags Logo
Grove Bags launched with the goal of creating solution-driven cannabis packaging that is custom-designed entirely around preserving & optimizing the plant's unique properties. In order to create the most effective packaging available in the industry to preserve cannabis throughout the entire cultivation to consumption lifecycle, Grove Bags created a cannabis film that is truly first of its kind: Terploc™. Their proprietary film blend combines active humidity control with antimicrobial properties, actively diffusing unwanted gases & water vapor through the film barriers and maintaining low oxygen levels in order to form the perfect “cannabis climate.” Check out GroveBags.com today to learn more about their solution-driven packaging and try out their Terploc ™ powered products with the Leafly promotion: #CultivatedSynergy We are a team of industry experts dedicated to constantly deliver the most effective packaging possible. At Grove Bags, we constantly strive to improve our products, business, and the cannabis community. Our high quality, 100% American made products create the most effective packaging in preserving cannabis throughout the entire cultivation to consumption lifecycle. Packaging is a consistent pain point that touches everyone in the industry with everything from missed branding opportunities to a lack of cannabis preservation. Let our decades of experience and extensive industry knowledge make the process of choosing the right packaging and staying compliant as easy as possible. Contact us today and take the first step towards protecting your cannabis as it's intended to be! Available in Oklahoma at https://massco.com

About this strain

Blue Buddha

Blue Buddha
  1. Myrcene
  2. Caryophyllene
  3. Humulene

Blue Buddha is an indica-dominant strain with heavy body effects. Created by crossing Oregon Blueberry and Buddha’s Sister, this strain’s bouquet is thick with pepper and fruity terpenes. The flavor is delicate with notes of tea and sweet berries, leaving herbaceous sweetness on the palate. Blue Buddha’s effects are initially uplifting and cerebral, but quickly creep onto the body, weighing the consumer to the couch and stoning the mind. This strain caters to consumers seeking to curb ADD, ADHD, and chronic stress, allowing the consumer to forget their problems and mellow out.      

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Fri Oct 09 2020
What the company doesn't tell you is the problems people have to do before they can use these bags. In their own words The company say in the ad "moisture must be released and regulated". Their internet manager told me when asked what that means "Says Use a moisture meter to bring the moisture content down to 11% then there’s no need for burping .The bag is able to regulate an internal micro climate of 58-62 but it needs the cannabis to be properly dried down to that 11% moisture content level or a water activity level of roughly .45w Anything higher and the plant isn’t properly dried yet for curing stage. I'm told the moisture must be checked on the stem before buds are taken off. They also say product must be bucked in paper bags to sweat out moisture before putting in grove bags. All they tell you in their ads is "if you think it is too wet leave open for a few days in the bag". They even tell you to break your stems where they will fit in a paper bag. The internet manager will send you to a sales manager who will say the exact same thing. No one there can explain anything about the bags just read you the ad brochure. If some one is dishonest about their product can you really trust them with your product ? They have the nerve to say