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BODY Emerald City Kush

by GrowHealthy

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GrowHealthy Cannabis Flower BODY Emerald City Kush


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Emerald City Kush (Body) Pre-roll Genetics: Triangle Kush x Oz Kush Bx1 This BODY flower contains 3.5 gram (g) of GrowHealthy's premium cannabis flower. Our flower THC varies by strain, ranging from 16% – 27% THC with trace amounts of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. *See website for most up to date product info and pricing

About this brand

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At GrowHealthy, we are dedicated to helping our patients live healthier, happier lives. We produce premium-quality cannabis products designed to provide relief from a host of conditions and to promote general wellness. We currently deliver our products across Florida for FREE! Visit our site to see our most up to date product list and prices.

About this strain

Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush
  1. Myrcene
  2. Limonene
  3. Caryophyllene

Triangle Kush is an indica marijuana strain that originated in Florida. This strain provides relaxing effects and is known to stimulate creativity. Some people say smoking Triangle Kush makes them extra chatty. This strain gets its name from Florida's three cannabis-producing capitals: Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa. Growers say Triangle Kush has a flowering time of 70 days.

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Fri Nov 20 2020
👌🏻Licorice and citrus is a great way to put it, with hints of earthy undertones almost. This 24% THC, bubbles through my bong nicely with a lemony-sweet smoke. I feel relaxed yet alert enough to watch tv or Play video games to suffice the creative need , but able to fall asleep at anytime if I wanted to sleep. Hunger is not an issue either with this strain like most Indicas, so indulge in this strain to bring some hunger on!
Mon Nov 09 2020
Picked some littles of this strain. Right off the bat, I could tell it was going to be good. Light green, completely frosted in trichomes, and hitting at 23.9%. Smelled a little licorice, some faint citrus, or something sweet. I took the smallest bud (chickpea size), and scissor ground it. Deceptivley smooth, I think I remember some berry and licorice... The effects however is where this strain really shines. Total couch lock, sleepy, peaceful relaxation. Mind was still there...barely. This may be my new go to sleep aid.
Tue Sep 29 2020
Smell is absolutely wonderful. A soothing grassy aroma with hints of pine. Light green and dark green leaves, loads of kief which make the flower appear even more lighter in color with lots of orange hairs that look like vines weaving throughout this way and that. Tastes as good as it smells. Very smooth and easy on the lungs for your average hits. It tastes familiar yet, you can't put your finger on exactly what that taste is. You smoke more and more to find out only to realize it's time to pack a new bowl. Clear-headed & euphoric high. The batch I got was 22.299 THC yet felt just as potent as some 24.608 Dutch Hawaiian I had. Which is interesting because this is an indica and Dutch Hawaiian is a sativa. I definitely do not get a lazy vibe from this strain at all. I feel focused and alert. My chronic pain is numbed. My first purchase from GrowHealthy and I will be back to sample more.