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DAYTRIPPER size HISIERRA child resistant exit bag

by HISIERRA Compliant Packaging

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HISIERRA Compliant Packaging Services Label & Packaging DAYTRIPPER size HISIERRA child resistant exit bag

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

DAYTRIPPER size exit bag 9" wide x 6" tall packed 420 bags per case HISIERRA pouches are certified child resistant, made with sugarcane based raw materials and our American factory is 100% powered by the wind! HISIERRA is the only renewable, sustainable child resistant packaging crafted and developed for responsible Cannabis Packaging. Contact us today for samples or custom printed bags!

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About this brand

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HISIERRA brand Child Resistant pouches are Green Packaging and Clean Manufacturing. HISIERRA pouches are made in USA with 100% wind power energy and contain Bio-based raw materials. HISIERRA raises the bar to a new standard in responsible Cannabis Packaging.