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An almost pure Indica strain with a THC level of up to 21%, Afghan Kush provides deep relaxation with a solid high. It's the go-to strain of cannabis enthusiasts who need comfort after a day full of hustle and bustle. It's also said to bring many therapeutic benefits, which make it a popular medicinal herb. Held in high regard by growers and users alike, Afghan Kush is one of the most celebrated strains in the world. Thanks to its colossal benefits, constant use is a must for many of its most loyal tokers. If you count yourself in that category, then why not grow your own plentiful supply with these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.? With an all-female bunch, the turnout is sure to be bountiful – you'll get enough buds to smoke yourself with plenty left over to share with family and friends. Afghan Kush needs little introduction to those with a little bit of cannabis know-how. The moniker 'Afghan' is synonymous with Indica, and for good reason: it's one of the best variants there is. The tag 'Kush' makes it an even more desirable weed, since Kush is famed for its heavy, stoned effect and sturdy structure. Originating from the Hindu Kush mountain range, the plant is robust and hardy. It's able to thrive in harsh terrains, and is resilient to mold and mildew. Growing Afghan Kush from Feminized Seeds The Kush mountain range in Afghanistan is not the friendliest environment for plants. To survive there, the members of the Kush cannabis family had to adapt to its harsh landscape, and Afghan Kush is no exception to the rule. Branchy rather than leggy, the plant's rich, vivid green foliage hides its solid and steady limbs. It's sturdy enough to bear the weight of its enormous colas, so growers will not need to install any extra support. It's quite a bushy beauty, though, so it will need occasional trimming and pruning. As it matures, its huge flowers will resemble a snowy mountaintop. Glistening with wet trichomes, the dense coat is a sure-fire proof of potency. Each nug has an abundant amount of fiery amber pistils that turn into little curls as it ages. When grown indoors, the plant can produce up to 1.31 ounces lovely buds per square foot. To achieve such results, using a combination of hydroponics with a SOG setup is the best option. Showering it with ample nutrition and basic TLC as it flowers for 7 to 8 weeks also assures nugs of prime quality. A true landrace, Afghan Kush is happiest when planted outdoors. It prefers a warm and sunny climate, but it'll also do well in places with colder conditions. In fact, it can flourish and yield up to 21 ounces per plant in regions ranging from way down south all the way up to the cold north. In the latter, harvest approaches around the end of September to early October. Fragrance and Flavor Stoners who like cannabis strains with a pungent earthy aroma should not miss Afghan Kush. A single puff of this joint releases an eclectic mix of spice and sweet floral notes that fills the room. As the smoke hits the palate, it re-introduces itself with a blend of flavors including pine, wood and pepper. On exhale, a pleasantly herbal aftertaste lingers on the lips. Effects Containing high levels of THC, this strain delivers a strong blow straight after the first toke. Its incredible potency means just a small bowl is enough to make users soar sky-high while also feeling an encompassing body stone. As the worries start to fade, a sense of euphoria will settle in, making you feel gleeful and giggly. If more is taken, then even veterans will feel the Kush's crippling effects. It brings deep body relaxation that can easily put even hardened potheads to sleep. It's one of the best strains to use after a hectic day, and a tiny dose is all that's needed to melt stress and tension away. Afghan Kush is very enjoyable when shared with friends during downtime or on lazy weekends, and often leads to an entire day of lounging and heavy munchies. It should go without saying that everybody should stick to just a single hit – otherwise, a chilled smoke out can quickly turn into a slumber party. Afghan Kush has some potentially adverse side effects. Dry, bloodshot eyes and cottonmouth are two of the most common downsides of cannabis use, and these can be soothed with the help of an OTC eye lubricant and proper hydration.

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