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Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Feminized

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Feminized

About this product

The union of Afghan Kush and Super Skunk seeds is like a marriage made in heaven. By crossing these two superb strains, the breeders created a beautiful Indica masterpiece with an iconic earthy and skunky scent. The high progresses to a euphoric yet relaxing buzz that perfectly encapsulates the plant's legendary lineage. The strain proudly shows off its genetic background. The good news is that it showcases the best traits of each of its parents: Afghan Kush has gifted its heavy, resin-filled buds, and Super Skunk adds hardiness and resilience similar to other skunk seeds. Users, whether recreational or medical, have a new go-to strain for capping off a long, exhausting day thanks to this great combo. Cultivators, too, are reaping the benefits of growing their own Afghan Kush x Super Skunk crop. Ideal for newbies, this Indica-heavy beauty is sturdy and resilient to common marijuana woes. It's an above-average yielder that quickly produces dense, resinous buds. In terms of both quantity and quality, this strain is a sure winner. Growing Afghan Kush x Super Skunk from Feminized Seeds Afghan Kush x Super Skunk is a very attractive plant with a typical Indica structure. It remains quite short (about 3 to 5 feet) but it needs ample lateral space for its numerous branches. Like most plants of its kind, it has lush foliage of dark green leaves that turn reddish-purple when exposed to colder temperatures. Its medium-sized buds are emerald colored with lots of amber hairs and copious crystals. The colas are absolutely humongous and far more substantial than most strains. The weight of the flowers tends to be spread unevenly, so some clusters are much bigger than others. This means that some limbs carry more weight and will need support. Other than that, the plant is pretty low-maintenance. Beginners who want to gain experience but also want a rewarding harvest should try this strain. It's easy to grow and resistant to most pests and diseases. Most home and small-scale commercial growers do not have any need for male plants as they do not bear nugs. Non-breeders uproot and discard male sprouts as soon as they show signs of their gender. If you're growing for consumption and do not plan to breed, then picking these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. is a wise choice. With an all-female bunch, cultivators can rest assured that all their effort goes towards a fertile female plant that will eventually share an abundant yield. The plant is naturally sturdy thanks to its Afghan genetics, and it can be grown in almost any setting. It's resistant to cold weather and harsh environments. Indoors, it produces up to 1.8 ounces of skunky nuggets per square foot after flowering for 8 weeks. To achieve the highest possible yield, it's best to use the SOG method with either soil or hydroponics. Outdoors is where Afghan Kush x Super Skunk will genuinely flourish. In the northern hemisphere, growers can rub their hands with glee to the tune of 32 to 35 ounces per plant come September. Fragrance and Flavor Afghan Kush x Super Skunk has an intense aroma, thanks in large part to its Skunk lineage. The familiar dank, pungent odor of Super Skunk is evident almost immediately. Accompanied by the musty smell of the earth, it also has a sweet, sour, spicy and fruity kick to it that makes its fragrance truly fascinating. Its name may be a bit of a mouthful, and so is its flavor – it matches the aroma but is quite pleasant on the palate. As expected, it has a robust Skunk sapidity, with hints of citrus, earth, moss and sandalwood. This unusual assortment of flavors makes for an enjoyable and tasty smoking experience. Effects The Afghan Kush and Super Skunk experience starts with a rush of positive thoughts. It brings a soaring euphoria that'll keep feelings of doom and gloom at bay. Within a matter of seconds, a single toke can uplift the mood and leave the mind in a tranquil state of bliss. At this point, the Indica influence comes into play. You won't need to wait long to experience its main selling point – a relaxing physical high that starts off mellow but soon puts the pedal to the metal. It's great for a solemn evening of chilling out and introspection, but not the best weed to smoke if you plan on being productive. Once your muscles and joints begin to soften, profound hunger will manifest in an intense stomach rumble. Soon, you'll be in the midst of a full-on munchie frenzy, during which you'll likely want to eat any food in sight. Having some snacks ready-and-waiting while toking this weed is always a great idea. With a satisfied body and sated appetite, drowsiness will kick in. Your eyelids will suddenly feel a ton heavier, and your head will seem to float while dropping at the same time. Before you even know it, you'll succumb to a deep sleep that no princely kiss can disturb. Feminized Afghan Kush x Super Skunk Seeds Afghan Kush x Super Skunk is a hybrid made in Cannabis heaven. With a sweet, pungent scent, unique flavor, and a relaxing buzz, it's irresistible in every way. Its euphoric and calming effects are of great interest to both recreational and medicinal tokers. Cultivators who wish to add this baby to their collection can do so easily thanks to these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. The plant is easy to grow, resistant to most diseases, and a big yielder. Growers of all experience levels will find it a joy to cultivate.

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