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Automagic Seeds Mix Pack

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Automagic Seeds Mix Pack
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Automagic Seeds Mix Pack
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Automagic Seeds Mix Pack
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Automagic Seeds Mix Pack


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About this product

ABOUT AUTOMAGIC SEEDS MIX PACK Jack Herer, Bubble Gum, and OG Kush are celebrated strains with sought-after recreational effects and therapeutic efficiency. However, cultivating them requires cannabis growing skills, as well as plenty of time for monitoring and upkeeping. To make these variants more beginner-friendly and uncomplicated in all aspects, Homegrown Cannabis Co folded in a Ruderalis in the genetic mixture. It resulted in fast-maturing, light-independent plants with upshots that stay faithful to their photoperiod parents. Brought together in a single package, the Automagic Mixpack aims to satisfy consumption needs from sunup to sundown. If daytime motivation is needed, reach out for Jack Herer Auto. It is a true delicacy like its older sister, sharing a spicy, earthy smoke that produces a strong but not overpowering cerebral high. Fatigue diminishes around its enlivening presence while the creative side of the mind gets a boost. Also capable of awakening the inner artistic genius within, the autoflowering Bubble Gum is ideal for afternoon relaxations. It uplifts the mood and delivers a mellow mental buzz. Concurrently, the balanced hybrid with the smell of mouth-watering candy invigorates the body. As the high wanes, though, the physical effect becomes calming, making the eyelids feel heavy then sedating after a couple of hours in. The only Indica-heavy variant in the group is OG Kush Autoflower. Although slightly subtler than its legendary older kind, the auto is still an incredible source of intense, almost trance-like head high. Under the relaxing influence of this bud, pleasurable inactivity followed by a long slumber are also sure to happen. Homegrown Cannabis Co designed Automagic to make the cultivation of these three extremely popular strains to be fast and effortless. The sturdy variants go from seed to harvest in only 9 to 11 weeks, allowing multiple cropping in one season. Moreover, the plants are total space-savers that can prosper both indoors and out. They can be grown in small grow cabinets, on the windowsill, at the balcony, or among other garden plants. If keeping a low-profile is crucial, these stealthy babies are also viable for guerrilla growing. GROWING AUTOMAGIC MIX PACK Like most autoflowering plants, the auto versions of Jack Herer, Bubble Gum, and OG Kush are small. Hence, finding a home for them are never an issue, and neighbors taking notice is highly unlikely. The Automagic mixpack is also an excellent choice for the inexperienced hands and busy bees. These autoflowers only take around 9 to 11 weeks in total to reach full maturity. Plus, as they switch from vegging to fruiting with age, managing light cycles requires less effort. When growing indoors, give the floras at least 12 hours of illumination. Increase it to 18 to 24 hours for more significant bud production if jacking up the electricity bill is not an issue and the grow room is equipped with heat-reducing equipment. Applying the Sea of Green method is another excellent way to boost the yield. Having a massive outdoor harvest is also easily achievable despite the autos’ tendency to bring forth smaller return when grown in open-air settings. The key is to take advantage of their speedy lifespan and have two or more succeeding batches in a single season. To ensure a continuous grow, pop the seeds of the next batch before the current floras finish flowering. If blessed with an early good weather, the first bunch can be cultivated by March. As for the last group, it can start by September should winter not arrive ahead of time. In the northern hemisphere, however, growing often starts by April or May for a July harvest, then July or August for a late September or early October reaping. In the case of Jack Herer Auto and Bubble Gum Auto, the final collection can be as late as November. To promote the autos’ optimal health, do not give heavy feedings during the vegging cycle. The small plants do not need as much vegetative nutrients as their photoperiod counterparts. Meanwhile, to create a new upward growth, train the floras by pulling their branches sideways. Lastly, prune (and do so conservatively) only until the first week of flowering. After that, allow the autos to flourish and anticipate buds completely smothered with dew-like trichomes once full fruiting is reached. GROWING JACK HERER AUTOFLOWER The autoflowering jack Herer is known for its strong branching and high resilience against common diseases that plague cannabis gardens. It has a lifespan of 9 to 10 weeks and starts flowering 2 to 3 weeks after germination. Indoors, the little plant reaches an adult height of 2.4 to 3.2 ft, sharing up to 400 grams of resinous buds per square meter. When grown outdoors, one Jack yields 50 to 100 grams. GROWING BUBBLE GUM AUTOFLOWER The full life cycle of a Bubble Gum autoflower lasts for 10 weeks, 6 to 8 weeks of which are spent fruiting. Growing a maximum of 2.6 ft indoors, the tiny cannabis provides a humongous 400 to 450 grams of sweet-smelling buds per square meter. Meanwhile, around favorable temperaments of Mother Nature, each BG Auto gives 100 to 150. GROWING OG KUSH AUTOFLOWER Autoflowering OG Kush has a life expectancy of 10 to 11 weeks. If grown in an open environment that allows it to stretch, the strain can reach up to 5.9 ft tall, making it the tallest in the mixpack. The variant spends 6 to 8 weeks producing and fattening up its flowers. At the end of its cropping cycle, the cannabis brings forth 250 to 400 grams of earthy nugs for every square meter of indoor space and 50 to 200 grams from one sun-grown OG. FRAGANCE AND FLAVOUR Jack Herer Auto and OG Kush Auto share a very similar essence profile. Both of robust spicy, citrus scent, an earthy fragrance also lingers in the background. When these buds are combusted and inhaled, the blend of lemon, pine, and cedar wood flavors instantly gratifies the palate. If the senses are craving for something that is without a hint of acidity, go for Bubble Gum Auto. True to its name, this bud exudes teeth-decaying, candy-like sweetness. It also has a touch of earthiness that is most akin to the smell of wet soil. The creamy vapor of its resin tastes as pleasant. Its fruity, berry savor reminds of the flavors of summer, quickly taking the olfaction to a tropical paradise in just one hit. EFFECTS Automagic fulfills a whole day of cannabis needs. Think of Jack Herer Auto as breakfast or lunch while Bubble Gum Auto is afternoon tea, and OG Kush Auto is supper. Also note that all three strains induce extreme hunger, so have snacks nearby or have a food delivery app installed for when moving is difficult. JACK HERER AUTOFLOWER EFFECTS During the daytime, when the happiness or energy meter reading is low, blazing away a Jack Herer Auto shoots the spirit back up. The bud is uplifting and enlivening, but not the kind that can cause hyperactivity. What is more, it enhances focus and gets creative juices flowing steadily for a few hours. Hence, it is useful in increasing productivity at work, school, or even in artistic pursuits. BUBBLE GUM AUTOFLOWER EFFECTS Almost similar to Jack Herer Auto, Bubble Gum Auto, too, is a euphoric flower that amplifies the brain's ability to be inventive or have fresh ideas. At the same time, it revitalizes the body but with ample dose of placidity. Due to such combination, staying mobile is definite but slightly restricted to non-toiling activities. Also anticipate moments of uncontrollable giggles and, as the high descends, sleepiness. Because of the latter effect, it is best to light up this bud in the afternoon or early evening. OG KUSH AUTOFLOWER EFFECTS The lemony OG Kush is in charge of nighttime relaxation — a role its photoperiod sister became famous for. It sends that mind in a psychedelic journey all the while uplifting emotions, clearing away the negativities that put a frown on the face. Within a few minutes, a calming sensation engulfs the body. It makes every limb feel soft but still moveable as long as dosages are kept low. In high doses, the bud couch-locks, gluing the anatomy in one place until sleep comes. MEDICAL A total all-rounder, Automagic Mixpack is a source of relief for all sorts of health concerns. The variants contain moderate to high levels of THC and an abundant amount of beneficial terpenes. Together, these two compounds make the trio a commanding force in the therapeutic department. Please note that the efficacy of cannabis strains in providing comfort relies on proper use. Consuming more than what is needed only produces adverse effects instead of good, relieving ones. It can cause dry eyes and mouth. In a worst-case scenario, the variants may even induce dizziness, headaches, episodes of paranoia, or intensify anxiety. MIXED AUTOMAGIC PACK Cultivating the legendary Jack Herer, Bubble Gum, and OG Kush requires adequate horticulture knowledge and skills, as well as plenty of face time. Fortunately, Homegrown Cannabis Co has introduced their autoflowering versions. These variants mature into a smaller copy of the original strains, prospering in tiny spaces and allowing stealth grow. Moreover, they finish within 9 to 11 weeks and require less effort to rear but produce massive indoor yields. Although the outdoor return is much less, the total harvest can easily be increased by having at least two grow batches in one season. Apart from making cultivation far more straightforward, the autos also produce the sought-after effects of their older, photoperiod kins. Jack Herer Auto generates an intense cerebral high and energizing body kick that diminishes fatigue. On the other hand, Bubble Gum Auto and OG Kush Auto provide a relaxing physical buzz that eventually leads to a deep, long slumber, beating insomnia and other causes of delayed or disrupted sleep. To top it all off, all three variants also alleviate health concerns ranging from anxiety, stress, depression, and PTSD to inflammations and chronic pain caused by arthritis, migraines, and multiple sclerosis. If all these benefits are desired, settling with the photoperiods is not the only option in the book.

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