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Early Skunk is a pleasure to grow, even for novices. It has a faster than average flowering period, needs minimal care, and can thrive outdoors. Now, with these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., easy gets even easier. There will be no male plants to discard, just a horde of female bud-producing beauties that are sure to yield top quality nugs. Not just another name in the vast cannabis marketplace, the hybrid boasts a suite of its parents' best traits. It has Skunk #1's robustness and Indica potency, and the resilience and Sativa effects of Early Pearl. When sampled, expect a balanced mind and body experience. Growing Early Skunk from Feminized Seeds Even newbies will find Early Skunk a delight to grow. It's tough against mold and fungus, and highly productive. With Homegrown Cannabis Co.'s feminized seeds, you can raise an all-female army that will bear high quality, dank, frosted buds. Indoors, with proper nutrition and light management, Early Skunk will prosper – especially in a SOG setup. After flowering for 7 to 9 weeks, be ready to dry and cure about 1.63 ounces per square foot. This plant thrives outdoors too. Put it in a location with access to plenty of sun and let it bask in nature's glory. By mid-October, anticipate a harvest of around 21 ounces per plant. Fragrance and Flavor True to its name, Early Skunk reeks with a pungent, skunky, floral scent that true fans can distinguish from afar. Similar to its odor, it has a musty and earthy taste with a dash of sweetness. Effects This dank ganja is perfect for lazy afternoons. With a fairly high THC level of 15% to 22%, a long-lasting cerebral buzz is guaranteed. You'll notice an increase in focus, creativity, and a strong desire to chat, courtesy of its Sativa content. At the same time, its Indica content bestows a relaxing physical buzz that doesn't couch-lock in moderate doses, meaning non-strenuous tasks are still possible. Plan a backyard barbecue with friends and just chill out, or put the burst of artistic ideas to good use by starting a new masterpiece. First-timers may experience dizziness, and vulnerable individuals, such as those with low THC tolerance, may also encounter mild paranoia. In these cases, it's highly recommended that they switch to a cultivar with a much lower THC content. Dry eyes and cottonmouth are also common, and can usually be avoided with proper hydration. Feminized Early Skunk Seeds A popular all-rounder, Early Skunk is the cannabis to smoke if you're looking for a balanced experience. It provides just what growers are looking for: uncomplicated growth patterns and high yields. To make growing even more effortless but just as rewarding, try these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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