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Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized

About this product

Both Skunk and Northern Lights are among the most illustrious strains in the world - and, for good reasons too. Skunk first made an appearance back in the 70s. It carries in its genes some of the most incredible landraces from Afghanistan, Mexico, and Colombia. Among the remarkable traits are the energetic buzz and a distinct aroma that is reminiscent of its name. Over the decades, it has given rise to many hybrids - some of which have gone on to become award winners. Northern Lights, on the other hand, is a highly regarded Indica. Although not a landrace, much of its genetic makeup is that of an Afghani variety with traces of a Thai Sativa. Like Skunk, it has also lent its genetics to an incredible number of award-winning strains - one of which is the Super Silver Haze. Apart from delivering one of the most remarkable physically relaxing effects in the industry, this hybrid is also a highly resilient plant and vigorous producer of cannabinoid-packed buds. From Homegrown Cannabis Co., two superstars of the cannabis industry cross path in one unique hybrid that tickles the mind before settling down into heavenly bliss. These are seeds with nearly 100% female turnout. Growing Skunk x Northern Lights Feminized The cross between growing Skunk and Northern Lights resulted in an exceptional Indica leaning strain. More importantly for home growers, this hybrid also inherited the resiliency and hardiness of its Afghani roots. It tolerates unfavorable environmental conditions, within reason, and thus makes it suitable for beginners in gardening. The choice of the medium comes down to a matter of preference. Using organic soil can help the plant maximize its terpene profile. For most, hydroponics is the better choice in that feeding the root system directly does boost the growth rate. Skunk x Northern Lights has a small, compact stature. As an option, cuts could be obtained and grown under the Sea of Green. Already, this plant is a generous producer with up to 500 grams of yield per square meter. Cultivating with SOG, in this case, not only cuts down the vegging period but it also allows for perpetual harvests. Compared to many Indica-leaning varieties, this cross of Skunk and Northern Lights has one of the quickest flowering time - only 7-8 weeks. During this time, it develops dense, resin-covered buds. If planted outdoors, it performs particularly well in a Mediterranean climate. By the first to the second week of October, its production could be as high as 900 grams per plant. Fragrance and Flavor Skunk x Northern Lights emits a pungent, overpowering classic scent that embodies its lineage. Mixing with the skunky odor is a refreshing citrusy, lemony scent with an herbal quality to go along with a sweet note. Effects The psychoactive traits of Skunk x Northern Lights are starts off with an invigorating buzz that energizes the mind and the body. The initial euphoric high also ushers in the sense of happiness and clear, focused head high. These can be intense and elevate the level of sensitivity to the surroundings but does not become overwhelming. After a while, the physical effects start to manifest, and this is felt by muscles loosening up. As tensions leave the body, the mood turns much more light. For most people, even a moderate dosage is enough to feel an overwhelming desire to stop physical activities and instead lounge in a comfortable seat or go to bed. Some reactions that come with the use of this strain are cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Although unlikely even when the dosage is high, some people might feel anxious or paranoid. Feminized Skunk x Northern Lights Seeds Delicious and a delight to grow, Skunk x Northern Lights is proof that only good things happen two of the most iconic strains in cannabis history cross path. It produces beautiful, gaudy buds that exude a complex aroma while offering long-lasting relief for the mind and body. These legends come together in the form of female seeds at Homegrown Cannabis Co. - one of the premier source of the highest-quality seeds in the industry. Under optimal care, these plants could thrive and produce a generous stash that lasts most people over a year.

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