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Strawberry Cough Feminized

by Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Strawberry Cough Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Strawberry Cough Feminized
Homegrown Cannabis Co. Cannabis Seeds Strawberry Cough Feminized


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About this product

The sweet, sticky Strawberry Cough is an iconic hybrid indeed, and even novice gardeners can grow it with ease thanks to these feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. It thrives well in any setup with only minimal maintenance, and is a great way to start your adventure in cannabis cultivation. GENERAL Strawberry Cough, which is widely recognized as one of the best Sativa strains on the market, really lives up to its name. While it offers the distinct flavor profile of its namesake fruit, its thick smoke can make even the most seasoned users cough a little. Its happy and energetic high makes it a perfect wake-and-bake strain. Bred by Kyle Kushman using a combination of Haze and a mysterious clone he nicknamed ‘Strawberry Field’, the plant burst onto the scene in the early 2000s. It became an instant cult favorite after its release and even won the Best Flower title in Cannabis Cup of 2013. However, its exact lineage remains a mystery to this very day and, without advanced genetic testing, its precise parentage may never come to light. Strawberry Cough has become popular with smokers and growers alike, since it thrives in any setup with hardly any effort required from its owner. These great feminized seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. ensure a plentiful supply for a daily smoke out session with family and friends. Its countless benefits make it a great choice for both recreational and medical purposes. It brings a happy mental high coupled with physical relaxation, and it has been used to treat a number of conditions including chronic pain and psychological concerns. GROWING This easygoing, medium-sized plant offers an abundant yield thanks to the dense nugs that completely cover its thick, sturdy branches. Its bushy green and purple leafage and long yellow pistils give it a majestic appearance that’s guaranteed to turn heads. Strawberry Cough gives off a strong and sweet scent as it blooms which can make it difficult to grow discreetly. Apart from its pungent smell, this resilient plant poses no other issues. It grows well in a controlled environment and offers an average yield of 1.31 ounces per square foot after 9 weeks of flowering. To give it a helping hand, use a combination of hydroponics and a ScrOG setup. An air-filtration system can help prevent the odor from reaching the nostrils of nosey neighbors. The plant loves the great outdoors and can reach its full potential in a warm and sunny climate. It offers around 17 ounces of tasty buds per plant when grown in an optimal environment. In the northern hemisphere, harvest time should come no later than the end of October, and growers who want to keep their practice secret may choose to ‘go guerilla’. FRAGANCE AND FLAVOR Strawberry Cough’s scent is loved by newbies and veterans. Once lit up, it’s sure to leave cannabis enthusiasts salivating, longing to take a hit. Each puff offers a sweet aroma with a distinct touch of strawberry, and a faint earthy-herbal note offers an interesting twist just before the fragrance diminishes. As its name suggests, this strain is likely to leave smokers with a bit of a cough since its sticky sweetness can be hard on the throat. After exhaling, a distinct strawberry aftertaste with a hint of spice remains. EFFECTS Strawberry Cough's mean punch has lured smokers for years. The ride starts off with a mental buzz that carries users off to a place where everything seems brighter and more cheerful. The blissful high is soon joined by a surge of energy that makes it a great daytime weed. Tokers will feel lively and full of spirit, but never agitated or jumpy. As is the case with most other marijuana strains, it may cause dry eyes and cottonmouth. Two easy solutions to this are using over-the-counter eye drops and drinking plenty of water. Aside from these manageable physical discomforts, there may be some more serious side effects such as dizziness, anxiety or even paranoia. Should any of these occur, then THC sensitivity may be problem, in which case switching to a lighter strain is advised. At the very least, the dosage should be reduced. MEDICAL Strawberry Cough is said to offer a variety of medicinal benefits, and has been used to treat a number of mental and physical ailments. It gives a boost of happiness and positivity that may prove useful to those with depression, stress and other psychological disorders. Those weighed down by fatigue may benefit from its energizing kick. It has been used to treat arthritis, muscle spasms and migraines thanks to its apparent analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It may also help fight nausea and appetite loss, since it tends to cause the munchies, making it almost impossible to resist eating. Even cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy have turned to it for support in regaining their desire for food.

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