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Whenever Sweet Tooth is mentioned, most people automatically think of a sweet and sugary fragrance and flavor. But for all the admiration one could bestow on this hybrid, many overlook the fact its growth traits and psychoactive profile are beyond exceptional. Luckily, this did not go unnoticed when it won the Cannabis Cup consecutively for three years back in the 2000s. Its structure and shape come from an Afghani Indica. The infusion of genes from Nepalese and Hawaiian Sativa landraces adds a euphoric buzz and the signature tropical and floral aroma. Now, Ruderalis genes have been added to the already exceptional Sweet Tooth cultivar. The result is an autoflowering version that gives home growers the luxury of planting at pretty much any time of year. With its rapid growth rate, you can achieve a never-ending stash by growing in a cycle of different batches. Growing Sweet Tooth from Autoflower Seeds Sweet Tooth Autoflower seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. are easy to get hold of and convenient to grow. From the time the seeds germinate, the clock starts ticking. Despite being fairly simple to cultivate, Sweet Tooth plants do require constant attention because their rapid growth rate reduces their ability to tolerate mistakes. Whether grown indoors or out, Sweet Tooth benefits the most from the use of organic soil and feeds instead of hydro. Using this medium ensures the plant achieves maximum potential with regards to its scent and flavor profile. You'll need to keep an eye on air circulation – particularly if you're using a grow tent. The plants don't normally get any taller than 3 feet, but they are quite bushy. Trimming the fan leaves allows fresh air to circulate and, at the same time, provides much-needed access to the light source. Compared to many other autos, Sweet Tooth is a voracious producer that can provide up to 1.96 ounces per square foot. If you'd prefer to grow it outdoors, it thrives best in places with plenty of sunshine. You can begin planting at the start of summer, and continue with different batches until just before frost sets in. It will not yield as heavily outdoors as inside, but each plant still has the potential to produce up to 7 ounces. Fragrance and Flavor Sweet and flowery notes are melded with a pleasant twist of fruits and berries. If smoking, using perc bongs not only smoothens but also cools down the smoke resulting in a better experience overall. Effects Aside from its exceptional fragrance and flavor, Sweet Tooth also delivers superb mind and body effects. From the very beginning, its gentle but striking cerebral high can brighten your day – in this case, sugar definitely trumps sour when it comes to putting users in an upbeat mood. Apart from raising self-esteem, the mental clarity afforded by Sweet Tooth is accompanied by a heightened sensitivity to surroundings. It brings a deep level of focus, making it much easier to get stuck into various tasks and chores. All of the above are classic Sativa traits, but they may not last long once Sweet Tooth's physical effects start to creep in. As the uplifting sensation becomes more intense, tension fades away and muscles melt into relaxation. In most cases, it'll make you slow down and take stock as the drowsiness becomes more overpowering. When used in excess, it has a strong sedative effect that can lock users to the couch. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, though: you may feel much less productive, but you'll likely welcome the dreamy mental high coupled with full-bodied tranquility. Sweet Tooth may lead to some adverse reactions, with the most common being dry mouth and eyes. In some cases, it might also cause a mild headache or dizziness, and when it becomes overbearing, some people might feel anxious or paranoid. Autoflower Sweet Tooth Seeds Regular seeds are a 50/50 gamble. Luck plays a significant role too, and woe is to anyone who happens to grow a batch of all-male plants. Although regular auto seeds are no different, their quick growth means earlier detection and less time or effort wasted. From germination to harvest, these Autoflower Sweet Tooth seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. take just 10 to 12 weeks.

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