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RELEAF by Humble Recovery Products

by Humble Recovery Products

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Humble Recovery Products Edibles Capsules RELEAF by Humble Recovery Products
Humble Recovery Products Edibles Capsules RELEAF by Humble Recovery Products
Humble Recovery Products Edibles Capsules RELEAF by Humble Recovery Products


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About this product

*FREE SHIPPING TO THE LOWER 48 STATES * RELEAF is a unique blend of natural supplements to help the responsible cannabis user recover from cannabis hangover. Sometimes, using cannabis can leave you run down, mentally foggy and low on energy. RELEAF’s combination of high-quality ingredients are specially formulated to help cannabis users feel better after using cannabis. RELEAF can help increase focus, memory, concentration and energy while helping you feel more alert and mentally clear. People often ask , “I use cannabis for relief but don’t want cannabis hangover, how can I use cannabis without the hangover?” or “I have to work tomorrow but want to use cannabis tonight, how can I avoid cannabis hangover?” There are several things you can do but the newest and best way to avoid cannabis hangover is to use Humble Recovery Products RELEAF. This is a new product that is targeted to help with the relief of cannabis hangover. This product has over 15 all-natural high-grade ingredients that can greatly reduce and can even eliminate the cannabis hangover. RELEAF is an all-natural supplement formulated to help with the recovery of a cannabis hangover. It is legal in any state and can be used freely. It is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of cannabis hangover. Sometimes it is not obvious and it is often blamed on the normal aging process or having a bad day. In many cases that is not the case. You are most likely experiencing cannabis hangover. Let’s take a minute and help define a few of the symptoms of cannabis hangover. • Brain Fog: Brain fog is a feeling of grogginess or not being able to focus. Having poor recall or feeling that you simply don’t have the energy required to focus on a specific subject or task. • Poor concentration & loss of focus: Not being able to recall a date, name, place or any piece of information that is usually quickly recalled. This can affect your ability to perform well at work, appear to others as a disorder or lack of intelligence and can falsely represent your ability to others. • Loss of energy: can make you appear lazy or unwilling to perform certain tasks and can sometimes be mistaken for depression or lack of enthusiasm or passion. • Fatigue: the feeling that it is difficult or hard to get your body moving. • Headache: we all know how a headache can make it hard to concentrate, focus and perform normal tasks. Some of the key ingredients for RELEAF include: Ginkgo Biloba: Helps with memory recall, improved focus, reduced anxiety and dizziness. Ginkgo Biloba seems to increase blood flow in the brain and has been used to help not only people wanting to keep their brain working in top condition but is often recommended for patients of Alzheimer’s. As early as 2600 BC Ginkgo Biloba has been in use and is suspected to be able to work as an antioxidant to slow down interference with changes in the brain that might cause problems with thinking. Milk Thistle: A powerful antioxidant that helps protect liver function and has been associated with improved mental function as well. Milk Thistle has been recommended for patients who have liver damage or may incur liver damage caused by cancer drugs to help protect liver function. Green Tea Extract: Promotes clearer thinking, alertness, mental clarity, cognitive function and physical activation. It has also been suggested that green tea extract has the power to help alter moods. Prickly Pear Extract: Works as a protection against nausea, dry mouth, headache, dizziness and soreness. This extract has been called “The Hangover” ingredient as it can help prevent a lot of the symptoms caused by hangovers. Vitamin B Complex: Provides your body with the nutrients it needs to promote energy production. 1. Does it work if I smoke or consume cannabis? YES, RELEAF helps to relieve cannabis hangover regardless of how you consume cannabis. 2. Is RELEAF right for me? If you have ever felt a hangover after using cannabis then YES. Even if you have not, consider it like insurance because of the numerous other benefits RELEAF has to offer. 3. How do you take it? Use RELEAF in one of two ways depending on your needs: Step 1. (Optional) Take two capsules before using cannabis with 8 ounces of water. Step 2. Take two capsules the morning after using cannabis with 8 ounces of water. 4. Is it healthy? RELEAF has: NO ARTIFICIAL COLORS NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVORS NO CHEMICAL PRESERVATIVES NO GLUTEN

About this brand

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Humble Recovery Products are the makers of RELEAF. A cannabis hangover supplement that helps to relieve and can even eliminate the affects of cannabis hangover. With 16 different ingredients this powerful preventative should be taken by anyone using cannabis as it works not only to help prevent cannabis hangover but also has a number of nutrients that supports healthy brain function, increased mental alertness, better concentration, higher energy levels and decreased anxiety. Why take unnecessary chances with your health? Use Humble Recovery Products RELEAF and use cannabis responsibly. Just $32.95 for 60 capsules. Don't delay, supplies are limited.

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Sat Jun 13 2020
Finally found what I was looking for. RELEAF does the trick. I use MJ for a number of health concerns and always want to be responsible and I am very health conscious. I use a number of supplements and only use MJ when I need it. After a bad auto accident a few years ago my pain levels and health were poor. I did not want to get on the pharmaceutical train so I started using MJ. It works great, it's not full of chemicals and it's all natural. Every so often I may use a high dose and that gives me a headache the next day. I started using RELEAF about two months ago each time before dosing and I feel great the day after and I know that I am caring for my body properly. Thanks Humble Recovery for this product, IT IS AMAZING!