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Hydrobuilder Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light

by Hydrobuilder

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Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Lights Hydrobuilder Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light
Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Lights Hydrobuilder Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light
Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Lights Hydrobuilder Covert LED-X 500 Watt Full-Spectrum LED Grow Light


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About this product

With only 500 watts pulled from the wall, the all-new Covert LED-X series grow light provides a complete full spectrum ideal for the vegetative stage through the flowering phase, resulting in increased crop quality and yields over similar wattage LED's on the market. The design of these fixtures allow light to be spread throughout the entire footprint more evenly, reducing hotspots and delivering uniform levels of photosynthesis flux density, or PPFD. The 500 watt Covert LED-X is designed to cover a vegetative footprint of 5' x 5' - 6' x 6' and a 4' x 4' - 5' x 5' footprint in flower. These low profile, lightweight fixtures are perfect for grows of any size! For a smaller coverage, check out the little sister of the 500W LED-X, the Covert 250 Watt LED-X Grow Light. All Covert LED-X Series lights are controllable with the optional Covert Lighting Controller (sold separately). Covert LED-X Features and Benefits: •Balanced Spectrum For Full-Cycle Growing •Low Energy Use & Virtually No Heat Output •Increased Yield & Crop Quality •Simple Plug-and-Play Set-Up & Use •Great For Covert 4' x 4' & 5' x 5' Grow Tents •Compatible with the Covert Master Lighting Controller •Control Up To 100 Fixtures with a Single Controller •LED's Are Dimmable With The Covert Master Controller •Fixture Design Provides Better Light Uniformity & Heat Dissipation Over Traditional Panel LED's Now dimmable without the use of an external controller The Covert LED-X 500 now has a built-in knob for dimming the fixture between a range of 200 - 500 Watts. Set the perfect amount of power for your plant's needs without plugging in another piece of hardware. There is a setting on the knob to turn to EXT for external for those who wish to plug their controllers into the light. Balanced Full-Spectrum - The Covert LED-X series features a perfect blend of both full-spectrum white LED diodes and far-red LED diodes. This results in the perfect spectrum for all phases of growth. The mix of white and red LEDs result in a relatively high ratio of bluish light. Blue light keeps your crop tight and compact in the vegetative stage and adds to optimal morphogenesis and light uptake by the plant. It maintains the photosynthetic system of the plant, which can shorten your flowering time. Blue light also signals stomatal opening during the light-on period. The spread of red LEDs throughout the open 4-bar fixture ensures a uniformly mixed spectrum on your plants at short distances. The far-red LED's help encourage stem growth, blooming/flowering and bud production. Looking to grow full-cycle from the comfort of your own home? Our LED-X grow lights require no maintenance, no bulb changes, and no worrying. Check out our pre-set LED-X Grow Tent Kits here to start growing your own top-shelf product. Even Coverage & PAR Distribution - The unique 4-bar configuration gives you the ability to mount this LED in rooms with low ceilings, on vertical growing racks, over grow benches and especially in grow tents. For the ideal uniformity, hang the fixture about 12" inches from the crop. This new multi-bar LED fixture type is quickly becoming the new standard, due to the even light spread over the canopy, while easily dispersing heat from the open style bar fixture. Output and Efficiency - Operating at only 500 watts with an output of 1050 µmol s-1, this LED achieves an efficiency of 2.1 µmol s-1 per watt. Four passively cooled LED bars provide great light coverage with no fans or moving parts, reducing the chance of failure compared to other LED fixtures with built-in fans. The high fixture efficiency of 2.1 μmol s-1 per Watt enables you to finally leap ahead in reducing your HVAC requirements compared to HPS/MH lighting. The high efficiency but low powered LED configuration with 4 LED bars spread out reduces the temperature of the LEDs, increasing the output and improving their light maintenance.

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Located in Chico, California, Hydrobuilder.com was started to provide a one-stop shop of competitively priced, quality products backed by a knowledgeable staff of passionate horticulturists. Chico is a great city, where small-town vibes create a strong sense of community. We are surrounded by almond orchards and home to one of the largest municipal parks in the country, Bidwell. We are lucky to call Chico home and it’s so important to us as a locally grown business that we give back and stay connected to our community.

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