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Hydrobuilder High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit

by Hydrobuilder

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Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Tents Hydrobuilder High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit
Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Tents Hydrobuilder High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit
Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Tents Hydrobuilder High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit
Hydrobuilder Growing Grow Tents Hydrobuilder High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Soil Grow Tent Kit

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About this product

This grow tent kit contains all of the components needed to start your indoor garden. Choose your preferred growth method (soil or hydroponic) in the option above and leave the rest to us! Pair this kit with your favorite plants, grow media, and nutrients for great results! The High Rise 4' x 4' Delux 600W HPS/MH Air-Cooled Grow Tent Kit was designed with two things in mind; dominant yields and ease of use. This tent, measuring 48” wide by 48” deep by 84.5” tall, can comfortably house 6 plants in soil or a 4 site hydroponic system. The included 600 Watt grow light has a large footprint that will cover the entire floor of this tent maximizing total grow space. All components of this system, including the Covert carbon filter and inline fan, have been specifically chosen to optimize airflow and movement while also scrubbing unwanted odors from the air. This tent package is perfect for the grower who enjoys the tried and true method of growing HID paired with products that will give you the optimal growing conditions. In addition to equipping you with the right tools for the job, all of our grow tent kits are backed by Lifetime Customer Support from experienced growers that can provide guidance and maximize success for your indoor garden. Included Products • High Rise 4' x 4' Grow Tent • 6" Air-Cooled Reflector • 600 Watt Dimmable Digital Ballast • 600 Watt HPS Flower Bulb • 600 Watt MH Super Veg Bulb • 6" Inline Exhaust Fan • 6" Carbon Exhaust Filter • Fan Speed Controller • 6" Clip-On Circulation Fan • 6" Ducting with Clamps • 1/8" Heavy Duty Light Hangers • Indoor/Outdoor Thermo-Hygrometer • 7-Day Dual Outlet Digital Timer • 5' x 30' Trellis Netting • 3" Trimming Shears Your Choice of Growth Method (Choose One): • Soil: Pots and Saucers for Growing in Soil (Grow 6 Plants) • Hydroponics: Root Spa 5 Gallon - 4 Bucket System (Grow 4 Plants) • Hydroponics Upgrade: Current Culture UC Solo 13 Gallon - 4 Pack System (Grow 4 Plants) Product Details: Grow Tent: High Rise 4' x 4' Grow Tent - these tents are the solution to growing on a budget without compromising on quality. The 600D thread count mylar fabric makes these tents extremely strong and with the 95% reflective interior and light proof zippers means there will be no lost light. The sturdy metal frame has 3/4" poles are powder coated for added durability and are easy to assemble with "bulletproof" corner connectors. The design of these grow tents was thought out carefully with the placement of the electrical cord ports and airtight ducting ports for air-cooled reflectors as well as a ventilation system. The front door can be easily held back out of your way with the included door clip. The mesh micro pre-filter vents located on the sides and back of the tent allow for maximum airflow without letting any foreign pests or particles into the environment. Diamond texture mylar interior increases reflective surface area and makes sure no precious light is wasted. Includes a convenient tool pouch located inside the tent for storing your often used tools or nutrients. Lighting: The Delux 600 Watt HPS/MH Grow Light Kit is a great option for growers that want the high intensity of traditional HID lighting without the large up-front costs of LED or other types of lighting. This kit covers the 4' x 4' footprint of this tent and will provide great par output. With the included HPS bulb for the veg and flower stage, you will give your plants the correct spectrum during all stages of growth, resulting in a better quality end product and larger flowers. This 600-watt kit includes an air-cooled reflector, a digital ballast, and HPS bulbs. Learn more about this kit here. Growth Method: Whether you have chosen Soil, the Root Spa Hydroponics System, or the Current Culture Hydroponics System as your growth method, you will have the proper tools for successful cultivation. Pots & Saucers for Growing in Soil - Our premium nursery pots are much thicker and more durable than traditional blow molded nursery pots and are made from durable, non-toxic, and odorless materials. Soil is the recommended method for first-time growers. Root Spa Hydroponic System - The Root Spa is a Deep Water Culture system. This 5-gallon bucket system is so simple yet grows large plants efficiently. After a very short time, you will realize the advantage of the simplicity of this uniquely easy-to-use, inexpensive, and forgiving system! Current Culture Hydroponic System - The revolutionary Under Current® system was designed to deliver prolific yields, quality, and increased efficiency to produce your best harvest yet. Made from the highest grade commercial components the Under Current® system is expandable and can accommodate multiple configurations. Manufactured in California. Temperature & Odor Control - Covert Carbon Filter Complete Ventilation and Odor Control Kits are the perfect solution to poor ventilation, excess heat and unwanted odor! The Covert 6" Ventilation and Odor Control Kit is ideal for removing unwanted odor and excess heat from a 5' x 9' or smaller grow tent, grow cabinet or grow room. This package can be used as a ventilation system for air-cooled reflectors or as a stand-alone system for extra cooling in high heat or problem areas. This kit includes an inline fan, carbon filter, speed controller and ducting to exhaust the heat created by the lighting kit. Customer Support & Consultation: When you purchase a grow tent package from you don't only get great products, you get lifetime customer support from experienced growers themselves. Each one of our customer's gardens matters to us, that's why we include grow tent assembly instructions, complete package setup instructions and walk through guides with recommendations (found in the setup guide tab above) for each specific package for the best possible growing experience. For more information and pricing check us out at!

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Located in Chico, California, was started to provide a one-stop shop of competitively priced, quality products backed by a knowledgeable staff of passionate horticulturists. Chico is a great city, where small-town vibes create a strong sense of community. We are surrounded by almond orchards and home to one of the largest municipal parks in the country, Bidwell. We are lucky to call Chico home and it’s so important to us as a locally grown business that we give back and stay connected to our community.