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Airo Pro Battery - Indigo/Purple

Airo Pro Battery - Indigo/Purple

by Airo Vapor

20 customer reviews


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This is my third battery from Airo Pro. There seems to be a major defect with the product. The first battery I had worked fine for 2 cartridges but then started having issues with activating when inhaling. Half of the time it wouldn't turn on, even though I'm inhaling. Then, I got a replacement and a new cartridge, same thing happened. 1/2 of the cartridge it worked fine, but then the new battery stopped working whatsoever. I tried to fix both of the batteries by cleaning them as indicated in the instruction manual and by looking around a lot of websites to determine what the exact problem is. It seems like other people at the stores are having the same issues and told to twist the cartridge a bit to the left. Sounds to me like a bogus battery/design altogether. I just took the 2nd battery back to the dispensary. I'm charging a 3rd new one in the wall. It's pretty much a bummer because the cartridges are pretty expensive $30-$60 each (not including tax). And the cartridges are magnetic and not interchangeable with other batteries... Seems like airopro has lots of money in making the product look good but for the premium price I don't think the battery is worth it. The vape cartridges (when they work) are admittedly pretty good for sure. But maybe it's just a bad lot of batteries, I dunno. Wish me lucky on my third try.


Horrible stopped working within 6 months and I just bought two new cartridges and wasted $100.


I haven’t even had it a month and it doesn’t work. I just got a new cartridge for it I cant even use because it will not charge. I tried twisting the cartridge in and that worked for a little.. now it will not even pull. 0/10 I wouldn’t buy this pen there are sooooo many better ones & these have really bad reviews! Super defective shouldn’t even be sold in the store& there is no refunds! Very upset wish I looked it up before & I hope my review helps someone.


I hope they have batteries that work with other cartridges


on my second pen/battery base and it is having problems. I bought all the flavors when it first came out. It worked great at first. Now the cartridges are acting up individually. The cartridges failing and the base pen having problems is to much. Because of the nature of the industry (even though it is medical) there is no returns after use. I guess i am sol, DO NOT buy these carts or pods in the Maryland area, they are defective.


love the pen when it works. Now on my 6th pen in less than 6 months. They just stop working. I am asking airo-vapor to replace since my store takes my receipt every time I return one. I now have 3 broken pens that I can't return. It gets pricey when you are buying a new pen every 11 days....


Gotta agree. In the beginning I loved the IndigoPRO (original name). I ended up collecting a nice little arsenal of cartridges. After about four months, that one stopped working. I was out of town and was lucky enough to find another retailer to buy another battery. When I returned home, I contacted them, told them my problem, and they sent another. That one worked for about 3 months, and just like the last, it failed. I’m a realitive light weight, these things get used 1 or 2 nights a week, always left at home on my night stand. Never dropped or wet. It’s happened at least four times now. I’m just trying to burn through my original pile of cartridges and then I’m never buying another. It makes great smoke and the selection of cartridges is nice, especially now that you can use an adapter with a standard cartridge, but what a pile of junk the battery is. I suspect their trying to keep this problem quiet until they can build the brand up and sell it to some investor. Let the fool fix their problem with the batteries. I’ll be quiet no more. Good smoke, good selection, good customer service, defective product.


don't you ever BUY this sheeit unless you want to spend $30.00 for a batter every freaking couple of months. This sheeit doesn't last long and I honestly doesn't know what kind of rechargeable battery they use but this shieeeit doesn't last long. Good quality smoke and but doesn't worth it in my opinion and already went through 2 freaking batteries in like 4 freaking months! yup, I had to buy another one after around 2-3 months... i mean wtf... never buying this sheeeit again.. yeah and the battery that doesn't hold the charge after a month or so..... You have to charge like at least 4-6 hrs just to smoke.... hah... wtf.. fuk.. that... doesn't worth it .. trust me.


I have been using the Airo Pro for a few months. I had great service from The Farm in Boulder. I encountered a learning curve. I was told the cartridges could need heating up and made the mistake of doing that. It caused the plastic to melt which rendered the new cartridge useless. I contacted The Farm and explained the issue. I didn't feel very smart. They contacted me back and had me come in with the cartridge. I showed the manager and he replaced it free of charge. I think the cartridges are a bit expensive but they are nice for travel and certain times when you want to be more discreet.


Be warned that this company does not value their customers. The battery is top notch, but the cartridges are defective. I buy in bulk and purchased 10 Indigo cartridges from The Farm in Boulder, sadly upon returning home, I had to add 4 defective cartridges (4 out of 10) to previous defective cartridges. How did Airo Pro respond? They sent me not once, twice, but three times over 30 hours on the road for a package that did not exist. AiroBrand's Vice President of sales and distributions deceived me into believing that he had spoken with the negligent retailer, High Country Healing, in Alma, CO. The retailer, High Country Healing, Alma should also be avoided. As the manager laughed at me after driving 5 hours, telling me they have never spoken to AiroBrands and that the letter written by AiroBrands VP was likely a fake. Don't forget that AiroBrand's VP of sales and distributions offered a direct number which he refused to answer for either me or retailer. The company did not even accept my offer of batch numbers for defective products. Don't you think that AiroBrand's would like to know that they have defective merchandise and how to track it, but No; they rather leave it on the shelf for out of state visitors that are unlikely to return. Retailers beware of how Airobrand's continues to contribute to poor customer experiences at your fine establishments. I can tell you, that if I walk into your stores and see Airo Pro, I'm walking right back out and telling and showing any customer's of your choice in carrying discreditable unethical merchandise (Airo Pro) from unprofessional manufacturer's concerned only for profits and not customer well being and satisfaction.