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Elphinstone Wax 1g

by Kiona

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About this strain



Elphinstone is a sativa-dominant strain that combines stimulating genetics and pungent terpenes. This strain is a cross of Sweet Skunk and Appalachia. This pungent pairing imbues the consumer with a giggly, uplifted mental state juxtaposed with mildly focused and relaxing physical effects. The flavors are a mixture of skunk and sweet 7-Up-like notes. 

About this brand

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Established in 2014, Kiona farm is located in Benton City, Washington. The golden hills area, known Natively as Kiona, is a renowned terroir for vineyards and craft horticuture. Our all-natural, sun grown techniques combine traditional and modern methods to produce connoisseur-grade Cannabis with minimal environmental impact. Respect for biological diversity and genetic integrity is at the heart of our work. Commercial production of Cannabis has reduced its range of desirable traits and effects. We’re dedicated to preserving the distinctive highs and unique character of great tropical and heirloom lineages. Our curated selection of rare strains includes nearly psychedelic African hazes, spiritual Central American landraces and cherished California “hippie” weeds. ~ From our master grower’s notebook ~ Legal psychoactive Cannabis allows for more than just recreational and medicinal use. Cannabis has an equally long, if not longer, history of use for divination, meditation, and magico-religious purposes, as an entheogen, as it does a narcotic. Even in western societies, as recent as the 1960s and 70s, Cannabis was part of the jazz, beat and psychedelic movements, used as a tool for introspection and expansion of consciousness. Over the last 30 years, we’ve seen a focus on Cannabis as more of a stupefacient and narcotic. This is not to say that devotees of traditional Cannabis haven’t been grumbling the entire time. Connoisseurs have been lamenting the loss of intellectually, and spiritually stimulating pot, in exchange for what was at first the infiltration of domestically grown indica, and what later became a genetically bottlenecked, poly-hybridized gene pool, high in THC, and possessing an dizzying array of flavors, but homogeneous in its ability to produce a bland, sedative effect, of limited utility to the artists, gifted academics, and spiritual sages who once embraced the species for its ability to enhance their intellectual and spiritual lives.