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Blueberry Milk Chocolate Terra Bites 100mg 20-Pack

Blueberry Milk Chocolate Terra Bites 100mg 20-Pack

by Kiva Confections

8 customer reviews


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One tasty dose is perfect for relaxation and productivity. These folks are doing a lot right.


Very nice ! mellow without the psychosis. I'm very happy with the dosage .


This is the first edibles I really like. Mostly I don't like how they make me feel. It's different then smoking. But these are amazing. Doesn't leave a bad pot taste in your mouth. Actually I was surprised there was pot in it. All the way around a good deal. Taste great priced right, and just one is perfect to cut any pain I have, or help me stay asleep longer at night. So I'll medicate with flower at bedtime and eat one of these which kicks in about 45 - 1 hour in after I'm already asleep. During the daytime - the small dose is perfect for days with extra fibromyalgia and my arm / neck pain. I don't feel whacked-out and can completely work competently. Because of the small dosage I can control my experience which is again an added plus, in case I am at a place I can't smoke, Or want to increase the effects for pleasure.


Each chocolate covered blueberry is about 5mgs which makes it really easy to dose. Tastes really good; overall a good value.


Top Notch. I am slim guy (150) and I've been smoking for 2 years. I took ONE of these and at the 50 minute mark, it's been the best I've ever felt for like forever. I feel extremely relaxed and happy and somewhat giddy. I feel extremely up / not sleepy. Your first time, take ONE of these and wait a full 60 minutes. Gage from there - but ONE is great for me!!!


Delicious. They taste like Brookside candies, and you really have to resist chewing down another off the bat. I started feeling it about 45 minutes after I ate the first one, and ate a second piece after that. It had me buzzing about at home, but had my mind racing.


Only the 4th edible I've tried, but these are my favorites. and the blueberry masks the taste of weed. tasty chocolate, too. For me, I feel it after the 1st one, but I usually eat 2. The cute tin contains about 26 pieces... so pretty economical.


For me 3 of these things gets you stuck and 2 will have you nice. I love these for times when I can't smoke.