JaK D'Rippa Enail

JaK D’Rippa ~ Magic-Flight's newest enjoyment apparatus for concentrates and oils. Think Nectar Collector/Enail without the blowtorch!

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With JaK D'Rippa VC.07 (beta), or JDR there is no loss from moving a concentrate from storage to tool, and then to a nail, or from wicking during use, as with a traditional concentrate rig. Just three quick and easy steps stand between you and space. No mess, no hassle, and no blowtorches. It’s fast, easy and of course, holds true to Magic-Flight design by keeping itself outside of the box of ANYTHING you have seen before. Our JDR comes provided with two separate wicking attachments that can fulfill multiple methods of draw. The Rip-Tip is our go literally goes to your substance and preserves your valuable concentrate material by minimizing transfer losses (nectar collector). The Rip-Receiver is designed to 'be fed' or hold your substance of choice. It is best to use when you want to pre-load the concentrate directly onto the heating surface. The JaK D'Rippa is bundled with one of our water filtration products because of the heat created. One method of purchase is with one of our 18” maple Water Pipe Whips. Check out some videos here!

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Jack Wreck
4.5 18 Reviews

Jack Wreck is a potent sativa strain that combines two timeless classics, Jack Herer and Trainwreck. While Trainwreck’s influence is evident in Jack Wreck’s sweet citrus aroma, don’t expect the mellow, dreamy buzz associated with Jack Herer: Trainwreck genetics give Jack Wreck an intense kick of cerebral psychoactivity. The racy jolt of energy provided by this sativa hybrid may be too intense for some patients, but those needing high THC levels for pain, appetite loss, and inflammation can trust Jack Wreck for potent daytime relief.

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The Magic-Flight Launch Box® is a small, fast, portable vaporizer useable by anyone, anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking. All of our Magic-Flight kits are crafted by skilled, local artisans in San Diego, California. The Launch Box® vaporizer is a green product sourced from natural and renewable materials.