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Black Diamonds

by Matter

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Matter Cannabis Flower Black Diamonds

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Indica | Relaxing & Pain-Relieving If you’re looking for something with high THC, look no further than Black Diamonds. A cross between Black Lime Reserve Tanoue Cut paired with Diamonds and blended with Master OG II, is what yields this highly potent strain. An indica, its aromas are gaseous, sweet and spicy with a touch of vanilla, providing a robust experience. If calming your anxiety or easing chronic pain are what you aim to treat, then the relaxing effects of Black Diamonds is a good choice. LINEAGE Black Lime Reserve Tanoue Cut x [Diamonds x Master OG II] THC LEVELS 27 - 30% THC CBD LEVELS .1% - .3% CBD TERPENE LEVELS 3 - 6% terpenes limonene, elemene, beta myrcene, beta caryophyllene

About this brand

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Matter has a disciplined approach to producing the highest-grade medical cannabis on the market. Matter offers the highest level of safe, effective and consistent therapeutic relief to people suffering from chronic medical conditions.

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Amazing aroma and taste. Relaxing and decompressing high without knocking you out. Good stuff.

Black Diamonds 24.29 THC 6/11/20 Cultivator: Matter About 20 small tight buds in an ⅛ oz, not labeled as “smalls”. I presume these are the “diamonds,” and aptly named. There is a modest but pleasing smell of lemon/lime, with a faint hint of pine. The taste is similar, with hints of lemon, and an overwhelming peppery nose. After a few tokes, the taste mellows with a creamy “cake” finish. It offers a strong, lasting THC high with abundant terpenes . Has strong cerebral effects that allows for mental lucidity after dosing, but it is also relaxing. The terpenes offer a muddled flavor (likely due to the myrcene), but are actively experienced. (aka Black Diamond OG, Black Diamond Kush) Taste:8.5 Aroma:8.5 Bud Quality/Curing: ? Terpene: 9.0/10 High: 9.5 Overall: 94/100 Strain notes: (Blackberry x Diamond OG). Indica: Myrcene 1.39, Limonene 1.29, Linalool .38, Caryophyllene .34, Pinene .23 (T = 4.45). Reviewed by Illinoiscannabisreview@gmail.com

the only bud i want. Smells like weed and smokes like weed. Its not minty, fruity or anything stupid like that. Youre going to get really high and enjoy life. wether its relaxing or getting things done this is the reason people smoke weed. been smoking since 1999 and heavy since 2003. This bud gets me high every one hitter i smoke. highs overlap too so dont waste it.