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Cream Pie Kush

Cream Pie Kush

by Mohave Cannabis Co

11 customer reviews


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Thu Mar 11 2021
This strain is a must have for any heavy Indica/ og kush lover. Will keep you couch locked/kush coma’d with just 1 bowl to the face... most just 1 to 2 hits will do the job. Very euphoric and relaxing. I’ve never felt so heavy and light at the same time. I found it hard to do much on this except lay down and enjoy the ride. There’s a reason this bad boy has won best indica 3 times! “Get it in the more potent version” black label>white label Mohave 😉
Tue Feb 09 2021
Awesome taste and great indica. My favorite company is Mohave Cannabis and they have the best flower around. This strain will relax you and take you’re thoughts away but not knock you out, it’s almost like the strain Double Dream but stronger. Get this!
Mon Nov 02 2020
Honestly this flower taste amazing. Piney yet oh so very sweet. This cream-pie arrived to the part a little late with the high but once it came through ohhhh boyyyy did it! Definitely would love to keep this strain around for sure 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Tue Sep 01 2020
What a surprise. I was looking for something that works for neurological pain. My best experience has been with combining the original Blue Dream and Harlequin. That was beginning back when BD was $35 and Harlequin was $15. I found this Cream Pie Kush at ManKind in San Diego, CA. I was pleasantly surprised. I experienced old school flavor, no over-powering fruity kids crap (sorry kids, been smoking since 1969). I purchased 2x3.5g jars @ $47.60 ea. I believe at one point in my life I bought a kilo for about that same amount! My how time flies. Another part of the surprise was the size of one of the nugs. One is easily 3g and a beautiful specimen with lots of white chrystals and gorgeous yellow trichomes on a 6cm by 3cm nice tight bud. My only complaint is the over nitrogenated leaves that inhale harsh. I like the spicey aftertaste, peppery, yum, like old times. Nice body high, relaxed, no tension, pain levels relaxed by about 3 points. The head high is nice and mellow, with no anxiety, small rush on the first toke. How sweet is that? Still, I almost took a star for burning the leaf. I wish I could give 4.5 stars. But, I will buy it again.
Fri Aug 28 2020
Really not much that hasn’t been said. Amazing buds covered in trichomes to the point of glistening. Just got a fresh batch, and it’s better than the last batch 👍
Fri Jul 31 2020
Mohave kills it. This is a centre piece crown jewel
Wed Jul 22 2020
One of, if not My favorite Strain Mojave brings to Debbies Phoenix. This has the smell that fills rooms. She also has a very nice sweet smoke 💨. A must have for medical cannabis consider some good quality work. Thank u 🙏🏻 for this one guys. Please send more to Debbies please!!
Sat Jul 11 2020
Euphoria for those who are stuck in 2020 " The year of the Toilet Paper " it'll take your mind off things & make you sticky with happiness...Stay Strong 🙏 Kush lover's, it's a keeper 😤
Thu Jun 04 2020
Wow what sets this sweet tasting effective Kush strain apart from the Kush fam ? !? It's gotta be the PIE series, relaxing and enjoying ? Yup that good 👍
Sat Apr 11 2020
Very good mixture of grassy, earthy, and fruity. Powerful potent strain very inda couch feeling. Taste delicious dense nuts sticky break down. I can see why it won a award for best indica