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Mohave Cannabis Co Cannabis Flower Sex Grenade

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Sex Grenade by Mohave Cannabis Co

About this brand

Mohave Cannabis Co Logo
Mohave Cannabis Co. represents good people, good weed, and good times. Everything we do is for our patients’ well-being. We’re committed to the core values of quality, fun, family, care, and community. From schools of fish to valleys of green, where there’s water, there’s life. Jump in, float the current, wet your feet, and clear your head. We celebrate the river and the gifts that it brings. The river is good medicine and it is our story. Mohave’s business model is inspired by nature’s abundance and generosity. It is our priority and purpose to give back. We are a family, a movement, a brotherhood. No membership is required. We’ve witnessed the ability of cannabis to relieve pain, bring people together, and encourage goodwill. Cannabis helps us to appreciate the moment and each other. Our products include Mohave Green (flower), Mohave Xtracts (concentrates), and Mohave Munch (edibles). Visit us at www.MohaveCannabis.com. You know where to find us.

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Wed Mar 10 2021
This is the first strain I’ve actually noticed enjoying enough to look into its properties and reviews on here. Not sure what the first guy was talking about, but I think this is a nice, solid strain. Does the job. doesnt make me too sleepy or paranoid or nonfunctional. Also I like the name. I think t might become my go-to. Give it a try.
Wed Feb 24 2021
I haven't had a grow from the same place as the dude who did the other review, but my experience with this strain, is that if you're a fan of the flavors of tangie lineage strains, then you'll probably enjoy the taste, and if you like hybrids that make you horny above all else, then you'll probably enjoy this strain. Me, personally, I enjoy the tangies, and a good hybrid, even one with "aroused" at the top of the effects list, but if you're looking to get super stoned and giggle your worries away with strange thoughts, this one may not be for you.. if you're going to be aiming for the golden triangle of someone you deem special, then smoking the strain "sex grenade" may subconsciously make them more interested in sex, just by making them think about it, and if you do manage to stick the landing, then this strain will increase the good time you'll have.. but I would recommend smoking this, with another, indica dominant strain. Anyways, just felt the other dudes review was too harsh.. I would assume he got a bad grow, which, it's fair for him to criticize it if that's the case, but I thought everyone should know this strain isn't just garbage.
Wed Feb 12 2020
Tastes like kidney stones and contains too much iron. Not enough,#?$!@€%+÷=&;,[THC] and or cbd withheld from sativa and or indicia percetaile indicacy.