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IF you are a Cannabis Retail Store or an MMJ Dispensary and would like to offer your customers a bit of entertainment while they wait to be called or they're just shopping around, wouldn’t the MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM Handbook look inquisitively attractive sitting on your counters, beckoning a curious on-looker to open its pages for a glance, even just to buy a gift for their special young person? Promote high educational standards for the youth of our country and the support the MCrc Mission to all who enter your front doors. Here in our MCrcShop, we offer multiple copies at bulk wholesale prices for the SOFT COVER / PAPERBACK FORMAT. You may resell the book at any amount your bottom line requires. Thank you for your business and let us hear how you are doing? BONUS!! FREE SHIPPING TO ALL USA ADDRESSES!

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great book. great message. should be used in all schools as education.

This is a great book! It encourages responsible Cannabis use, especially by young adults. Great for parents to get a pledge from their children!

Since your child will be exposed this is a great way to preempt the exposure with knowledge so a good decision can be made.

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MR CANNABISrc / MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM Handbook by Angi Perretti, Author / Publisher / Creator Logo
The MCrc CANNABIS CATECHISM stages a timely grand entrance into today’s modern society plagued with social ills and daily trials for a correct conscience regarding the moral and responsible consumption of recreational cannabis. Recreational marijuana peeks the interest of everyone who partakes or anyone who imagines themselves partaking of the natural medicinal virtues and benefits of cannabis. The prevailing emergence of legalized marijuana across every community in America and around the world exposes Mankind to the many health resolutions and social ventures of recreational cannabis consumption, especially for young people under age 25. Parents may want to incorporate the CANNABIS CATECHISM by MR CANNABISrc to initiate candid conversations about recreational marijuana to their kids AND to encourage them to make a VOLUNTARY PLEDGE to "Wait Till 25" before experimenting with recreational cannabis and alcohol consumption. The MCrc PLEDGE simply avows young scholars to betterment towards high scholastic standards that are prudent for their educational and social commitments, while enhancing intellectual qualities. "PARENTS? When will you talk to your kids about cannabis, if not NOW?" AP