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GroLab TankBot

by Open Grow

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Open Grow Growing Testers & Meters GroLab TankBot
Open Grow Growing Testers & Meters GroLab TankBot
Open Grow Growing Testers & Meters GroLab TankBot

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About this product

Hydroponics and safety all in one Indispensable to control hydroponics and design your own security systems. Controls 12v actuators like water valves or peristaltic pumps. It also analyze the water in your tank thanks to the pH, EC, temperature and water level sensors. you can fill the tank, recycle water and even automatically enrich the mixture with your fertilizers. Irrigate by zones and groups of plants Connect water valves to your general irrigation outlet to bifurcate water flow. For every TankBot you can connect up to 4 water valves (12v). If you have SoilBot, you can associate each valve to a moisture sensor so that valves will be open according to the needs of each group of plants. f you do not have SoilBot, you must schedule your irrigation. GroLab Software lets you create schedules for hours and days of the week. You can also create recurrences to automate your hydroponics system (eg, 5 minutes every 5 minutes). Automates completely the water tank You can take advantage TankBot´s connections to multitask: -Add Fertilizer to the water by peristaltic pumps. -Regulate the pH of water by peristaltic pumps. -Automate Peristaltic pumps by PH and EC recovered data. -Fill The water tank with a solenoid valve connected to a tap. -Empty And recycle water tank by a solenoid. -Automate the tank filling using water level sensor. -Monitor and control water temperature by the temperature sensor. For every TankBot you can connect up to 4 actuators of 12V and 4 sensors (switch type) of your choice. You can add up to 3 more TankBots to your GroNode and expand your control to new functions. Create security protocols: What kind of security protocols I can create for each module? TankBot: - Check smoke and fire by detectors who activate an alarm by closing a circuit (relay). - Activate sprinklers with water valves connected to the general water outlet. - Send the order to disable extraction systems to prevent possible fire oxygenation. - Send the order to turn off lighting systems to prevent a fire if smoke is detected. - Locate possible intrusions by motion sensors and / or lasers that are activated by closing a circuit (relay). PowerBot: - Turn off electrical elements that endanger safety at precise times. - Check that the temperatures do not exceed the logical margins and act accordingly. - Cut water flow to prevent flooding. GroNode: - It emits a loud beep if a security alarm is detected. - Manage all security protocols. - Send notices to computers connected to the local network with GroLab Software enabled. - Send messages to multiple online platforms (Email, Twitter, Facebook), requires an Internet connection. I can control more elements than shown? The limit is your imagination. You can add up to 4 modules of each type for each GroNode (the brain). 4 PowerBots equals 16 independent electrical connectors and four temperature and humidity sensors which can control up to 4 independent growing areas. 4 SoilBots provides 16 moisture sensors for substrate with which control multiple groups of plants. 8 substrate temperature sensors and 8 flood detectors. Each SoilBot Box comes with 2 humidity sensors, 1 temperature sensor and 1 flood detector. You can add the extra sensors you need. 4 TankBots give you the possibility to control up to 16 sensors of your choice (sensors that act as a switch) and 16 actuators of 12 or 24 volts with a maximum of 5 watts per output (delivered with a transformer 12v). For More information: http://www.opengrow.es/shop/en/grolab-kits/29-water-combo.html

About this brand

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Open Grow provides the first agricultural automation system dedicated to urban growers capable to be adapted to any growing environments and be confronted to unexpected eventualities. The uniqueness of GroLab is proportional to the anxiety of growers to find a definitive and stable device that meets their needs. Although it´s not the only grow control system on market, its elegant design, innovative and easy usability makes it unique in the market, positioning itself well ahead of their predecessors with a more rough and industrial appearance. Our main goal is to create the standards for any agricultural grow, and let the users tweak these standards to meet the highest performance for any specie in any type of growing system. Creating so the common language when talking about growing plants. We aim to deliver a high quality product at an affordable cost. Everyone can use GroPedia.com to make its Grow Journal even without our hardware, getting access to the first anonymous social network dedicated to all kind of growers. Finally, mixing all this products/services we propose a unique and revolutionary system adapted to learn from urban farmers and even teach others helping them to grow. It’s supposed that each individual GroLab user will become a potential teacher for others. Our system is scalable and easy configurable. We reach people that are looking to improve their results without spending too much time and money automating their grows. That´s why, contrary to our competitors who gives expensive and obsolete alternatives, GroLab's Starter Kit is adapted to all growers providing them definitely the access to the highest technology in the market.

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