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PAX 3 Dry Herb + Concentrate Vaporizer (Complete Kit)

PAX 3 Dry Herb + Concentrate Vaporizer (Complete Kit)

by PAX

39 customer reviews


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love it!!!!! you can take it everywhere you want


It is way over priced. Save your money. Why they hell would you make you concentrate tray stick out and not be flush! I mean it works but for the price it's not worth it.


the battery is superb- battery is working great


Absolutely love it! It tastes wonderful, does not make your room smell and is cleaner than burning it. No need for a grinder just pick it apart into the unit. With moister bud I normally stir and break it up more after my first session. (with a toothpick) You will know when to clean it by how hard the draw is after 2 to 3 grams. I STRONGLY suggest getting extra screens because they are so delicate and bend easily. 388* is my go to for the best flavor


Not a good unit for elderly or handicapped person in technology. Customers service is very scripted and what you to try problem solving issues that over my head. I consider myself educated but 1970's educated. I just keep advising them that their guide advised dry flower could be used, they advised my flower was too dry. Whats too dry? Now i have a $200 bookend. Plain and simple my oven never heated up enough to get enough vapor if i it like sipped tea, as they advised to do, for weeks. Poor unit for ages 69 and over. Roll a joint!


Hi guys first off I have the pax 2 & pax 3 & they are both very very good vapes.Ive heard so much complaining that it doesn’t smoke right no clouds first off the stock screen that comes with it needs to be slightly bent up on the end closest to the vape hole & reinsert cut the buds up pack it tight but not overly tight & rip that she burns beautiful now I’ve seen the 3D screens & to me they are garbage ya they come out nice & easy if it’s not caked in the oven & one thing I find is it’s to flat I do not get a good toke I’m a dragon & I mean it’s terrible the 3D screen I find so if anyone is having trouble u won’t need a pusher or a 3D screen just stock screen & a slight bend so the smoke flows up beautifully really no lie no complaints app works good I’m truly impressed with the pax 2 & pax 3


Great device with high quality vapor. The only problem with the device would be the charging port, it's really flimsy and could disconnect, not delivering the charge to your device. If you are careful with the charger then it should last longer (I probably might have to replace mine soon). Also, you are kind of bound to download their app as well, because without the app you cannot update the firmware, and your device may not properly work. I was able to troubleshoot and communicate with the PAX team, they responded pretty fast and offered pretty good customer support. I couldn't give this device 5 stars though because of two things; how fragile the charging port is, and the PAX app ui. Otherwise, for the price and the current state of the vaping technology technology, the PAX should suffice.


I used to LOVE this thing. It worked great for 3 weeks, then the efficiency mode stopped working. It doesn't heat above 370F. Customer support is terrible! They tell me it works. I would not buy again.


paid full price and registered the product. worked fine 3 months and now docent charge even with using the right charger and plug. customer care keeps asking questions for 3 days and docent want to initiate a replacement even though I have mentioned that I medicate and need it asap. would never again buy pax products. 10 yr warranty is a joke.