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White Widow

6 customer reviews


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Sorry, been using White Widow for years. In the past it helped eliminate procrastination and over-thinking and made writing and finishing writing an easy thing. It has consistently helped me to chill out, but be active at the same time. A consistently great bud for doing cleaning. Been using it for years. This 'White Widow' strain did nothing for me. It didn't do a thing to clear my mind. Instead it made me feel like I consumed something other than cannabis and actually confused my mind. Creativity vanished and I saw tracers and shadows. Yes it was hallucinogenic but in distracting way. I wanted to trust the brand and paid extra for it but I honestly don't trust the THC listing on it. It reminded me of cheap weed some weird guy made in their trailer during prohibition. No positive side to it but when you do too much you get super paranoid. Not good. I will buy a different brand next time.


makes you go to sleep for 13 hours. dank as fuck


Soon after planting our first crop at Copperhead Cannabis I nearly severed my hand. I was desperate to find pain relief due to the severed Ulnar nerve and artery. Apparently I'm immune to Opiates (which I didn't know until then) so I was unable to sleep more than 10 minutes a night. A friend of mine recommended White Widow, so I gave it a try. Besides completely getting rid of the pain, it also allowed me to sleep. The night I tried it was the first in 3 months I had a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep as opposed to 10 minutes. We tried growing it the first year, but none of the plants survived. This year we could not find a supplier for the seeds. Next year, one way or the other, I will plant a couple hundred of these so the rest of Washington can appreciate the ideal pain killer.


One of my personal favorites, right up there with Purple Haze and Granddaddy Purp. Cannot go wrong with this Choice. When in doubt, White Widow is a great way to go. The flavor is earthy; you know 'you're smoking' when you're smoking White Widow. The flavor & smell are both unique, potent & all round amazing.


sat in bed with ma boi Big Joey Heats puffin on some dank white widow man this shit is the bomb thank tha lawd for this incredible bud


White nuggets of goodness earns a five star review in my book. Definitely a consistent high between the two batches I tried which is the joy of sticking with a grower.