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Pipe Dream Arts

XL MAHOGANY Stash Jar - Handmade Wooden Honduras Mahogany Jar

his is a tough and beautiful stash jar made from one solid piece of HONDURAS MAHOGANY.


Product Details

This is a tough and beautiful stash jar made from one solid piece of HONDURAS MAHOGANY. The durable design as well as the toughness of the wood makes this an ideal travel jar. The extra large size makes it an excellent home stash jar as well. DIMENSIONS: Outside - 1 3/4" d x 3 3/4" h Inside - 1 1/2" d x 2 1/8" (storage under the cork) MATERIALS: This stash jar is made from a single piece of HONDURAS MAHOGANY. Like many types of mahogany, Honduran Mahogany varies in color from tree to tree. It can be anywhere from a light pink to a dark rich reddish-brown. One of its most beautiful characteristics is its chatoyancy. Chatoyancy is a rare property of certain types of wood and gemstones. It is a shimmer and a reflection of light that appears just below the surface of the wood. It is most commonly seem in Cat's Eyes gemstones and it makes gorgeous wooden artwork. Honduras Mahogany is typical in furniture, instrument making, carving and turning, and is a favorite of artists and craftspeople across the world. FEATURES: This stash jar measures almost 4" tall and an 1 3/4" diameter. It is coated in a bee's wax and walnut oil finish and features a maker's mark brand on the bottom. The stash jar is plugged with a large cork which not only keeps your items safe and dry but also cuts down on smell so you need not worry about storing potent potables in your new jar. Like all of our jars this stash jar is water resistant, tough, durable and entirely handmade. NOTE: The jar pictured above is one of several Honduran Mahogany jars in this style that I have to offer. The jar you receive may not look exactly like the one pictured. All wood grain differs and thus no two wooden pieces can be identical. While your jar will be the same as the above in all measurable ways (the size design, material etc.) it will have it's own individual colors and patterns making it a unique, one of a kind object. Not intended for illegal use.

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Pipe making has been a hobby of mine for some time. I've made pipes out of just about anything you can think of, but in my opinion, nothing makes a nicer pipe than wood. It's a great medium to work in. I run my shop out of a small work trailer and travel around the country selling my products. I work with a small handful of tools and primarily rely on a sander, lathe, and drill press to shape and prep my work, and hand tools and sand paper to finish it. After years of making pipes for fun and for friends, I was encouraged to send some of my work out into the world. There is a lack of well made, artistically appealing, tough, and affordable pipes available on the market. In my experience, people need a pipe that is durable, but want one that is beautiful. Everybody wants one that packs easy, looks nice, works well and lasts a long time. So after a lot of trial and error, I've made a line of pipes that do just that. It is also my belief that you shouldn't feel like you have to take out a loan every time you lose or break your pipe. Not only will these pipes never break, but if you do lose one, you can replace it without breaking the bank. I also recognize that pipes have a sentimental feeling attached to them, and these pipes will last long enough to feel like they're part of the family.