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Pink Kush

Pink Kush

by San Rafael '71

19 customer reviews


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Sat Feb 13 2021
Love pink kush. Great to chill out anytime.
Fri Sep 11 2020
Best Pink Kush on the market in my opinion. It is a great evening strain that is just the right amount of high to make all your worries go away. Beautiful Buds, and the smell out of the jar has a beautiful floral scent and the taste is exactly what you would expect from a to shelf strain. I use this regularly to combat my insomnia and depression.
Tue Aug 18 2020
Love the Pink Kush! It's a classic! It tastes great just like it should! But, tiny little nugs, each with their own stem. Burns a little dark so 3/5. Still good though. Check out our video review on Youtube if you want a little more info with a side of comedy!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkX6uyTLFAEhOpb4Cl4AzzA?view_as=subscriber
Mon Aug 10 2020
Good ol Pink Kush. Old Faithful. Love this chill strain and I love San Raf’s consistency. Always a great product.
Fri Apr 17 2020
I used to use this in the evenings . Good smoke , great buzz.
Fri Nov 15 2019
My go to for bed time . Purchased off OCS at 20% THC and will be ordering again . Great for bed time and puts you to sleep consistently. Smells great and tastes great through the vape @190-200•C . Recommend to anyone looking for that sleep aid Strain.
Thu Oct 10 2019
Personally, Pink Kush does nothing for me.
Mon Sep 09 2019
Consistent product with strangely interesting floral notes. Euphoric, not for the inexperienced. For the house bound & eventual bed bound. A+ for insomnia, A++ for late night snacking.
Sun Aug 18 2019
Its hard to tell what this tastes / smells like, its definitely creamy /sweet. I could say that there is a bit of pine and a bit of cedar and sage and a bit of some sort of fruit or berry / lemon. To put it simply i could just say it smelled like fresh grass (which it kind of did). Perhaps this is just why they called it "pink" kush as pink is not really any specific flavor. Regardless, This strain is great. People love and talk about it and it always seems to be on the menu. It can leave an inexperienced user with side effects and at 16.4% THC leave the average user feeling great.
Tue Jul 16 2019
Camphor aroma (some say pine but it’s more fresh and insistent than pine). The batch I recently bought at sqdc is fine but the buds are tiny and I had to remove a few leaves. That is unacceptable for the price. Effect is very physical and soporific. I prefer a more euphoric high, even from an indica I use before bed. Nice but not outstanding.