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Select Drops 1000mg 1:1 Unflavored

by Select Oil

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Select Oil Edibles Tinctures & Sublingual Select Drops 1000mg 1:1 Unflavored

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About this product

Select 1:1 Drops combine equal parts THC and CBD—the result is a fast acting, pleasant blend that highlights each cannabinoid’s unique qualities and creates a comfortable experience known as the “entourage effect.” Enjoy the effects of THC & CBD without vaping or smoking Formulated for rapid absorption, especially when applied directly under the tongue Precise balance of cannabinoids, natural essences and fractionated coconut oil (MCT) The purest extract available, without any taste. These unflavored tinctures are the perfect addition to your food, drink or apply directly under the tongue.

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Tried this product and had a terrible reaction . I have emailed the company to get specifics on the ingredients and proprietary blend it mentions however received no response . I am gluten intolerant which makes me wonder if there are any contaminated in it .

I put .25 drop under my tongue at a time and let it sit, repeat if needed. Use about 2.0 drops/day. It’s not the same buzz as smoking/vaping, but it is comparable. Drops are the way to go if you need to give up on smoking. Also, 1:1 tincture doesn’t give me anxiety like the high thc cartridges do. I recommend this tincture — worth the money. Buy under $50 if possible.

The five stars are because it is exactly what it is. If you want to trip balls CBD style this is what you have. But take ware of your surroundings. While you are Selecting 1:1 style you might not be able to get back there from here. Do all edibles vector you this way? I have not the scarcest notion but i imagine this is the stuff for stoners only. The efficacy comes on so slowly you will be looking for misplaced objects far past the time they matter. Here's how it broke down:f 1st hour- you may feel slight light headedness. Or you may not. hour 2- you will not feel a thing except that you did not take anything. You will not feel the calm before the storm. hour 3- your face might feel like it glows. Or that you have glowsticks for eyelashes. Or you will brush your teeth until they glow. You are not guaranteed comfort but you seek it. Peeing in the dark is a recommended calming activity..

from Select Oilon December 13th, 2019

We're happy to hear that you had such a good experience with our 1:1 Drops. We appreciate you!

About this brand

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Highest in purity, potency and flavor, Select has quickly become the best selling cannabis oil in its class and winner of multiple awards, including Dope Industry Awards’ Best Concentrate Company. Awarded Oregon’s Best High CBD Product by Leafly, Select CBD is hemp-derived and paired with essential oils & herbs to deliver supreme flavor and premium experiences. Recognized by Oregon Business Magazine as a 2018 Top 100 Companies to Work For in Oregon, we are proud of the incredible legacy we are continuing to build.  ------------ For use only by adults twenty-one years of age and older (For use by 18+ in limited states) Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. Keep out of reach of children. CDPH-10001355 Do not operate a vehicle or machinery while under the influence of this drug. Keep out of reach of children. CDPH-10001355