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Crockett's Confidential Pre-Rolls 1.8g 5-pack

by SugarTop Buddery

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SugarTop Buddery Cannabis Pre-rolls Crockett's Confidential Pre-Rolls 1.8g 5-pack

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this strain

Crockett’s Confidential

Crockett’s Confidential

Bred by Crockett Family Farms, Crockett’s Confidential is a cross between LA Confidential and a secret family strain. The buds are a light green color and grow huge with a typical LA Confidential structure. Crockett’s Confidential’s terpene profile entices with a fruity smell that has notes of apricot and grape followed by an earthy undertone. The relaxing high may put you in a state of carefree bliss with a huge grin across your face.


About this brand

SugarTop Buddery Logo
SugarTop Buddery is a Eugene, Oregon based producer, cultivating Top Grade Tasty Flower and their own signature line of Pre-Rolls: “The Bats”. SugarTop is proudly releasing their new Stubby Bat Multipack and will have collaborative batches of shatter available in the future. Founded by musician/artist brother/sister duo Jarrod and Anna Kaplan, SugarTop is a community oriented business focusing on supporting arts, music and local causes.