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Hash Haze

33 customer reviews


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Fantastic creeper effect. I however, do/did not experience paranoia. Alleviates pain. Proper one to have on hand or in stock.


Felt paranoia in the beginning, but pain immediately disappeared; Body felt like jello. After about 20 minutes, paranoia went away and I felt relaxed. Definitely is a creeper! The taste was nice as well


Made me a lil paranoid but my pain was nonexistent!


Really happy with this strain. Nice relaxing indica without laying me out. Great for my anxiety. Nice easy smoke, great flavor, and like the other reviewer said it is a creeper. Will definitely purchase again.


Not sure what was with the other reviews but this strain is pure indica bliss! Buds were fluffy and more dark green. Wonderful aroma. The smoke was smooth and sweet. Hits behind the face hard after about 15 minutes. Wonderful euphoria. Completely eliminated the stress of the moment and very fast acting.


This is without a doubt the worst strain I've ever purchased from a medical marijuana dispensary. The smell is chemically minty. The taste is like dried grass with a very harsh smoke. The first medical strain I've tried that almost always gives me a headache. This was the last thing left on the menu after flower was delivered to my local dispensary, and its obvious why. No one should have to experience this. This strain is an embarrassment to medical marijuana. I made an account specifically to make this review.


The bouquet of this strain is something to behold. The terpinolene really cuts through producing refreshing orangey citrus notes that complement the familiar dank, hash like, and Afghani odors. I'd love to get my hands on some of this strain in a live resin. Oh, and forget about all the sativa/indica chatter. Every strain has it's own character and this one will probably leave you cheerfull on the couch.


I was really surprised when I bought an eighth of this hash haze because of the moderate THC levels at around 18%. It's a really nice and smooth smoke. It really packs a punch for a cheaper strain. I suffer from Chronic headaches and smoking some of this hash haze really knocks the headache out of the park. I get right around 45 minutes relief.


I had to to make an leaflet account after reading the disrespect directed towards the HASH HAZE. For the price E for excellent. Perfect to relax, let’s say going out to lunch when a light mellow high is needed. Light citrus smell and taste. Fluffy texture that haze been kno to pretty high while writing the review yea. Good buy