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Long's Peak Blue

Long's Peak Blue

by Terrapin Care Station

24 customer reviews


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Smells like hay and taste almost like Vick’s vapor rub.


Not sure why it says "by terrapin care station". This strain created by Rare Dankness is one of the most underrated strains I have ever seen. Growing from seeds is daunting to find keeper phenotypes but of 2 seeds I grew I found one keeper that grew like a moose, had power, smell of blueberries and super glue, and tasted amazing! I am picky and this strain does it all!


Got this in wax, kinda a buttery, sand texture, doesn’t start to melt too quickly with the touch of your fingers, but don’t hold too long. Used a quartz dab straw, the THC is 85% so very potent, I am using this for the night time. True Indica fashion, slow rolling warmth starts at the limbs and inward. Great for pain management (lower back & knees in my case) and of course going to bed. Terrapin puts out some great product for the money.


It may not be high in THC but it does the job. No other strain does as much to help me sleep.


First the bud. I love the aroma and taste! It smells and tastes fruity and earthy. It's mildly sticky and covered in a very nice amount of trichomes that sparkle in the light. It feels fluffy, but denser than I expected when breaking it apart. Now to the effect. This is a stellar strain. It comes on fast, but easy and mellow. When it hits, it will make you smile. It's kind of heady. I feel slightly in the the clouds, but very alert and talkative. Nice body high as well. I vaporize the dry leaf of this strain. I feel pretty immediate pain relief from arthritis, and chemo induced neuropathy. All other regular body aches and pains melt away. A great chill out strain for when you want to create, or have a few people over. No couch lock here, but if I have about an hour before bed, I can be softly lulled to sleep without any trouble. It's sold as an indica at my dispensary, but I keep reading on several different websites that it's an indica dominant hybrid. I keep coming back to this strain as one of my favorites.


This strain does absolute wonders for my ADHD and anxiety. It’s soothing and calming enough to help me center my thoughts and gain focus, but it isn’t so calming that it puts me to sleep. Instead, it’s very personally motivating (I become a cleaning/DIY machine) and intellectually stimulating. It’s a perfect study aid for my academic and personal research. It also helps me to reflect on my life productively and see where I can improve myself, rather than just distracting me from my problems. I’ve tried a lot of strains and this one is consistently a little miracle for me. I consider it My Strain at this point. Can’t guarantee these effects universally, but I recommend giving it a shot if you’re looking to treat similar issues with motivation and focus.


A wonderful cross of Old Blue & Rare Dankness #1, this indica is perfect for nights you need extra pain relief. Tastes like pancakes or doughy on the exhale, the effects have you feeling like you're on vacation you're so relaxed. I have the sugar made by them, Terrapin just released concentrates for the first time in PA & they picked great strains to release. If you suffer from insomnia this might be the strain for you.


Long's Peak Blue is true to its name for me! I stay "peaked" for a long time when I smoke this. My high is chillaxed and motivated with this strain unless its late at night then its great for sleep! One of my fav Indicas!!! Great job Terrapin and great job improving your drying method and storing method!


Restore was out of my usual dark blue pod. This pod delivers a bit harsher taste but it's more balanced in head & body. I'm 61. At long's last I understand the High Times in the basements. I made those dudes let me be the dungeon mistress. Thank you, wiser heads, for all the excellent, detailed, information. This is SO EXPENSIVE that all help to my learning curve is greatly appreciated. Thank you for a thoughtful, well designed product. I use no social media but these reviews are good reading.


This, along with glycerine suppositories, got me through an agonizing day-long bout of constipation. This was kind to me, and helped stimulate my neuro-muscular system where it needed it, near the l.back, yoga-like moves ensued and the activity helped to move the intestines; it made it a whole body event, where healthy parts of the bod contributed to the healing process. Great weed can have unquantifiable healing effects. A very smooth smoke as I recall.